Thursday, February 2, 2012

What a day!

First off, I'm completely overwhelmed by all the comments of support I got on yesterday's post.  I'm really not an amazing person and I have been known to wallow in self-pity so I sure don't belong on a pedestal of any kind.  But it sure was nice to hear words of encouragement and support.  I'm a bit weepy now.  LOL

I wish the rest of the day was so positive.  The dr called me in to talk about Zach's lab results.  As I suspected, his cholesterol needs work.  His overall numbers were good, but the breakdown was crap so we have to get the weight off of both of us and right now.

But that wasn't what concerned her the most.  His vitamin D is extremely low, which is probably part of what has caused his fatigue.  So he's on a pill a week for 8 weeks and then we'll see if it's high enough.  If not, another 8 weeks of vitamin D.  Prescription vitamin D.  Also his thyroid was high, which means he might be hypo-thyroid.  In other words, low metabolism.  But she wants to re-run it in a few weeks to make sure because once she puts him on the medicine he'll be on it for life.  Also contributed to his fatigue and weight gain.

But he's also anemic, which she can't figure out.  So he  has to submit a sample for fecal occult blood and has to have an upper endoscopy, I think.  At any rate, she thinks he might have an ulcer or damage to his esophagus.  Because she can't think of why else he would be anemic.  Guys don't usually have that problem.

I've had to endure comments from various family members about his fatigue (there's nothing wrong with him; he just needs to get out there and do stuff.)  He's been so frustrated and depressed because he never feels good.  I wonder if this started in high school when he was on psychotropic drugs (haldol) for his Tourette's and two different kinds of anti-depressants for his OCD.  Back then he was sleeping 20 hours a day nearly every day.  It was a good thing we homeschooled or he wouldn't have graduated at all.

We have to take him to a psychiatrist to evaluate him on his see if it's chemical or caused by these various, mysterious lab results.  My life is on hold right now waiting to get appointments and find out results.

In the meantime, she put the fear of bob into us about losing weight so I signed him up for Weight Watchers.  It's one more expense we don't need but we also need more accountability than we've had in the past.  The online version.  I would do much worse if it was an in-person meeting.  So would he.  This is going to be tough trying to figure out how to do all this and cut the food budget at the same time, since we'll have to pay for some of this out of pocket due to the deductible on the insurance.  Not to mention his ingrown toenail appointment next week.

I don't want to burden Tom too much with this because he's got all kinds of stress at work.  He doesn't need this dumped in his lap, too.

At any rate, we'll muddle through.  We always do and we always will.  I mean... what's the alternative?  I don't have time for a complete breakdown.  Although I've been thinking of scheduling one for later.  'Cause that's when I usually fall apart.  After I've survived the crisis. 

Off to read a bit more and then to bed because I'm really tired.



Anonymous said...

I know it sounds like a lot of bad news from the doctor but hear me out, I promise I'm not being a happy mcflappy asshole. I hate those people.

Anywho, I have vitamin D deficiency in the Winter (um, hello, I can't get my sun in) and take a supplement. I also have anemia (chronically, have since I was in high school) and take a supplement for that. Whenever I stop the iron, I feel like shit on a stick. I start it back up again and voila I'm a new woman.

I have hypothyroidism and have been taking thyroid meds since 2003. Major improvement as far as my fatigue went. When I was first diagnosed I went to the doctor thinking I had the flu I was so exhausted.

I've also had an upper and lower endoscopy and had an esophogial ulcer. They mend it while they're in there and you get a medication to take until you lose some weight and don't get acid reflux anymore.

I'm not trying to negate any of Zach's medical issues, I guess I'm just trying to say that these labs may be exactly the answer to a question that has been plaguing all of you. Hopefully these things will all be resolved and he will feel better soon.

Hugs lady.

Kathy said...

No, you've helped me feel better about this. My dr, love her though I do, tends to be a worrier. Which is better than someone who brushes off all my concerns. It's mostly relief that Zach's extreme fatigue and weight gain can be explained in some part. I suspect they'll find nothing with the upper endoscopy but better to be safe than sorry as his grandfather died from esophogeal cancer the year my breast cancer was discovered.

Thanks so much for telling me all that.

knittingdragonflies said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better, and all straightened out. Oh I know the thyroid and low iron can really make you feel pooped.
I hate it when people say, "oh just get up and you will feel better" *snort*
Take care

Kathy said...

Thanks, Vicki. He's taking it all in stride because it's what he does. I'm just trying to figure out the logistics of being where we need to be and how to pay for our share of it. I have to admit that does me in more than the physical ailment side. sigh