Friday, February 10, 2012

I don't want to moderate but I will if I have to

I got hit by a couple of spammers today in the comment section on a couple of posts.  Weird thing was, one of them insulted my blog before posting their spam.  LOL!!  Not the best way to get me to keep the comment up there.  I delete any comments that have links to online stores or such.  Unless someone has asked me first and it's related to what we talk about here.  But I've never seen these two before and it was obvious they had never read my blog either.

There is good news on the homefront.  I am a bit better.  I can feel myself climbing up out of the pit that is depression.  Not bouncing off the walls, but I did do some cooking and cleaning today.  Slipped a few times on the eating plan but I don't feel the least bit bad about that.  I'm not bingeing....just nibbling.

Other good news is that Zach asked the lab tech today what is going on with his labs and she provided him with a complete readout of all his lab results and explained them to him.  I did wonder why he was in there so long but as I was absorbed in a Reader's Digest, I didn't question it.  It seems they are looking for an antibody that is munching on his red blood cells and that is what is causing his anemia.  Not blood loss at all.  Which means the colonoscopy and endoscopy are totally unnecessary.  Plus the labs show his anemia is less than one point UNDER.  So he's barely anemic.  Not in danger of dying next week.

We'll wait until the next dr appointment to talk to the dr about it all but after that he wants to cancel his 'scopies.  We'll wait to make sure. 

I'm not saying the dr has been devious or anything.  But they do tend to be a bit secretive until they know something and she's no exception to that rule.  But the lab tech said that the results show that his body is fighting the antibody because his red blood cells are mostly juvenile cells.  So the body is trying to repair itself.

His ferratin was a little high but she only briefly mentioned that.  Not sure what that means.  I hope this is the last labs he has to take for a while though.  And that the dr explains what all this means.

We had to drive to the dr's office in lot of blowing snow today.  Wind chills were at 0 and the roads weren't very clear but we took our time and got there and back safely.  The trip there was no problem because the cars behind were taking their time, too, but on the way home the car behind wanted me to go faster and thought that tailgating would make that happen.  It didn't.

Zach went out and shoveled the driveway apron for both sides tonight.  Along with the sidewalks.  The neighbor wasn't home and would have had a hard time getting in over the mini-wall of snow the snowplow left behind.  So both he and Tom can get in the driveway, which is all I was concerned about today.  And the sidewalks have to be done within so many hours after the snow starts falling...not after it ends.  Normally they don't do much about it but you never know.  It's done now so no worries.

I should get back to work on Zach's sweater since my mind is a bit clearer today.  I think after supper I'll crawl into bed, turn on Babylon-5, which I haven't watched in about a week, and knit away.  I've got some dvds from the library, including A Clockwork Orange because Tom hasn't seen it and I deleted it from the dvr inventory.  Plus there is a commentary by Malcolm McDowell I'd like to listen to.  I probably won't watch the other dvd because it's a documentary that someone recommended but no longer sounds exciting.  I might though.  I've got until Wednesday to decide before I have to take it back.

Still reading away on A Clockwork Orange and I definitely like the movie better.  It's hard to muddle through all the slang and lingo the author invented for the book.  Nearly done though.  I started reading From a Buick 8 the other day, too.  I wanted the new Stephen King book about the JFK assassination but it was out again. I'm not going to request it because it will come in when it's not convenient.  They always do.  Instead I'll read a bunch of books I want to read.

I still haven't manage to get through Triumph of the Moon yet.  I think I might have to resort to skimming in order to get through it.  Or now that my mind is coming back to play, maybe I should give it another go.

Well, off to fix supper and then off to bed.



Anne said...

So happy about the good news on the health'll all feel better when you know exactly what is going on and can take steps to correct the problems.

Wishing you nothig but good news and improved health.

So happy to he

Kathy said...

Thanks! I will be glad to find out what is wrong with Zach and how to fix it. He's suffered from debilitating fatigue for years but at least now we know there is a reason for it. Finding which cause and how to fix it is the next step.