Monday, February 13, 2012

A blaze of energy

Which is slowly fading.  I tore the house apart, turning the "bedroom" back into a living room after it occurred to me that I don't have to make the bed up every day if I'm not up to it.  But turning it into a company-ready room is so much quicker than rearranging the furniture if we do have company again.  And part of my depression has to do with how I perceive my home. And myself.

Thing is, I'm way past exhausted right now and I'm not even close to being done.  I have to move the rocking chair to the basement and find the dining room again since you can't tear one room apart without tearing the adjacent one apart, too.  Can't quit now though.  I won't sleep until it's done because that's the way I am, unfortunately.

Still, I think I'll get another surge of energy soon.  I just need to sit for a while.

Heard back from the dr today.  She called instead of having the nurse call and told us both on speaker phone what the deal is.  It's definitely anemia but what kind is what we have to find out, although not from blood loss.  I called my mother to ask about my aunt and it was pernicious anemia, like I thought and the dr seemed to think that genetic link was important.  I looked it up online and if that's what it is, they caught it very, very early because he has very few symptoms yet.  Normally pernicious anemia isn't caught until around 30 and Zach is only 23.  So they will make an appointment with the hematologist, who also happens to be my oncologist.  He's a great dr so I have confidence that whatever this is, we've caught it early and there won't be a problem for him in the future.  Whatever kind it is, though, it's not curable.  Only treatable, but the treatment is fairly easy and not terribly expensive if they caught it early.  She told us not to lose any sleep over it and she's the kind of dr who doesn't lie to you so I won't.

Now I just have to get my moods back in order and get back to knitting since I haven't done any for several days.  I probably won't tonight either because by the time I put the house back together, it will be after midnight and I'm planning on falling into bed for sleep purposes.

I would like to have a month go by without any major problems though.  I can't say I'm a fan of all these adrenaline surges.  Slow and steady works much better for me.



Anny said...

Hi Kathy
My husband was diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia three years ago at 52. His first main symptom was Depression which is a side effect. And yes it is genetic because my 23 yr old daughter has also just been diagnosed very early!! Hope it all works least you now have something to work with :)

Kathy said...

That's very interesting, Anny. And gives me another reason not to run to put Zach on anti-depressants until we've sorted out a diagnosis. It is such a relief to have something to explain all his symptoms. I hope your husband and daughter are feeling better.