Monday, December 12, 2011

It's not beginning to look like Christmas yet

I spent a lot of time offline all weekend and was pretty productive so I think I'm going to strive toward that on a regular basis.  Getting things done felt good, it did.  But I still don't have the Christmas tree up yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

Tom's back is still bothering him. I went to the store and bought him another back heating thing, only better quality.  The first one only seemed to fit a 30 inch waist and while Tom is still pretty fit, he doesn't have a 30 inch waist.  He really likes the new one and wears it a lot.  Today I had to run some errands so I got him some Doan's pills.  My mother used to take those whenever she had a backache.  I hope they do the trick for him.  He's probably marginally better but not where he would like to be.  I did point out that he has only had 1 and a half days to rest so he can't expect everything to be suddenly better.  I hope things do improve for him over the week.

I finished up my hat but it's too heavy and slides off my head.  Not sure what I can do about it but I'll figure something out because I want to wear the hat.  I might just shorten it to a beanie size so I can wear it.  I've turned the heel on the second of Zach's blue and plum socks.  I made these identical rather than a mirror image of each other.  I don't know what came over me.  I need to get busy on my mother's sock, too, so I can get back to sweaters.  Spending less time online gives me more knitting time in addition to getting more cooking and cleaning done.  I actually ironed today.  I know...what a rare occurrence for me.

I'm thinking of macaroni and cheese tonight because I'm stinking tired from the errands and not enough sleep and it's easy, peasy to fix.  I've got some lettuce I need to use up so we can have salad to go with it.  I was going to wash a load of clothes and hang them on the rack but I may not get to that tonight.  I might get them washed but I'll have to hang them on the racks tomorrow.  I'm that tired.

I've had to stop shutting the curtain over the front door.  It gets wet from condensation and has warped to the point where it's very difficult to shut completely.  It may take several days to dry out as we're expecting rain and snow the next few days.  We can get it shut but it's a struggle and the only way to keep it shut is to lock it.  Fortunately it works better doing that outside the door so I can lock it when we leave the house.  Still...I'll have to rely on the curtain over the foyer opening to keep the cold out and the heat in.

I filled up the bird feeder yesterday and had about 30 birds fighting over them today.  Actually they fought over one of the feeders.  They are identical feeders with identical bird seed in them, but they all seem to prefer one over the other.  It was fun to watch though.

Still not snow of any significance and I'm not complaining.  We're expecting some rain/snow over the next day or so, moving into just rain on Wednesday.  I don't even mind if we don't have a white Christmas.  I'm so tired of shoveling snow.

Well, I must get busy on the mac and cheese so I can wash up the dishes and crawl into bed.  I hate this fatigue but I am glad I've gotten some things done lately.  It's just sad that I get so little done and think that what I do get done is amazing.


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