Monday, December 5, 2011

Plain old Monday

I have two loads of clothes hanging out on the line, probably frozen stiff.  But today at least they had a lot of wind although none of the promised sunshine.  I'll start bringing some clothes in to hang on racks tomorrow if they aren't dry by then.  I doubt they will be but I had to wash them, having gotten behind.  And I'm not entirely sure where I'll put the racks up but with them on the clothesline and no rain in the prediction for the week, I can afford to just utilize one rack at a time. Two if necessary.

I got Zach out of the house today.  Tomorrow I'm going to set up an appointment with the dr for a physical so he can get attention for his depression in addition to a wart that is in a difficult place (thumb) and his ingrown toenails.)  I just hope his doctor will still see him.  He hasn't been in a few years and sometimes they remove you from their patient list if you don't go regularly.  But she did ask about him when I saw her so maybe she'll still see him anyway.

Tomorrow I intend to turn the living room back into a bedroom for the winter at least.  I'm the only one who ever uses it and not having company ever we don't need to entertain at all.  Plus I can stick a chair in there if someone wants to watch tv or something.  It takes about 15 minutes to make it up into a bed and another 15 minutes to make it up into a couch.  Not to mention what it does to my back, which the dr agreed was probably sciatica, but I will talk to the rheumatologist next month about it.

I'm nearly done with the hat to go with my mittens with flaps.  I'm using a Greek fret design with ribbing.  I'm about ready to start the decreases.  It will be a bit of hit and miss as I'm making this up as I go along.  The fret pattern is in the Barbara Walker book, volume 1.  Instead of using a mosaic pattern, I did a stranded knitting pattern as I didn't like the way it looked with slipped stitches.  Plus this is going to be warmer with all that extra yarn around my ears.  As with the mittens, it will be yellow and black.  Just using up my stash.

I also need to get back to knitting socks.  I've gone too long on Zach's sock foot.  This is what happens when you knit while watching something riveting on tv.  I'll have to rip back a ways since I'm about 2 inches too long already without the toe decreases.

I had a day last week when I just couldn't pick up my needles.  I had absolutely no interest in knitting at all.  Fortunately by the next day I was eager to pick them up again.  Whew!  I would hate to have that feeling for more than one day.

Well, I need to fix supper and make up my bed and crawl into it.  I'm sleeping later so I'm getting more sleep.  And maybe better sleep, but trips to town on errands still wear me out.  I would love to have energy again but I'll settle for this miniscule amount I get for now.


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