Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sharing the back pain with those you love

I got an email from the pharmacy that I had meds ready for pick up so I went ahead and did errands today.  Only to discover it was a mistake.  The meds won't be available until the 11th, as per the insurance company.  But as I was already there I picked up the things I needed anyway.  One thing being a heating thingy for Tom's lower back.  His back has been hurting for a couple of days but this morning, after his shower he overbalanced and wrenched it.  I really expect him to come home early tonight as I have never heard him roar in pain like that before.  So I pasted him good with an analgesic cream and picked up a clay wrap around thing so he can wear it at home.  It's too bulky to wear at work but maybe he can get relief at home.

Getting old really sucks.

So because I was doing errands I didn't get much else done.  I had a bad night again from pain, another 3 tramadol night, and it was after 8 a.m. before the pain left and I could sleep.  I had a dream about the reusable Walmart shopping bags.  Someone asked me if I liked them and I said yes.  Why can't I have dreams that are interesting?

The bed was very comfortable so at least there was that.  And easily made up in the mornings.  I don't have to exhaust myself with folding all the bedclothes and moving furniture.  It's just a matter of pulling up the covers and arranging the pillows. 

I didn't get as much knitting done last night as I would have liked.  And I really do need to work on socks more but knitting in the round is so zen...all that mindless knitting is relaxing.  But tonight I must put the hat aside and work on socks.  And I really need to get back to sweaters before it's spring.  Not to mention dyeing my singles so I can ply them.  Now that the kitchen is clean I have no excuse.

The toaster oven just dinged to let me know the pizza is done so I'm going to cut it and then crawl into bed to knit the night away.  And catch up on whatever is on my dvr inventory.


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