Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Broke the roll I was on


So much for the roll I was on.  I've spent most of the day in bed, dozing occasionally, getting nothing done.  Not even some knitting.  I have no idea why except I enjoyed being productive for as long as I was.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I can only hope.

I fixed chili for supper tonight which is the equivalent of fast food for me since it doesn't require a lot of attention.  But it wasn't what I wanted to eat.  I did save a lot of money by not going to McSnacky's instead but it's not like I get to pocket the money saved.

I did get some reading done today.  Finished up Howl's Moving Castle.  I loved it.  Much different from the movie, which is okay.  No way they could have put it all on there anyway with the twists and turns the plot takes.  But I did love the book.  Now I must get more of her books.  Zach swears by her Chrestomanci books so I might try them next.

I do still have another library book that I'm reading.  The sequel to First Man in Rome, called The Grass Crown.  They're good books since they are historical fiction, I'm leaning heavily on the fiction part as I read them.

There are several more after these two, continuing with Julius Caesar, one about the women he was involved with and maybe one more...not sure.  I don't know if I'll continue with them or move to Pern as I'd like to read more Dragonriders of Pern books now that Anne McCaffrey has moved to brighter shores. She and her son had collaborated on several books that he will now continue on with alone.  I loved those books but haven't read them for years.

And still...knitting calls to me.  I can't find my gold mitts so I'm making another pair so Zach has two pair of mitts.  His purple ones are dirty and need to be washed so he's wearing a pair of mine in the meantime.  I'm also thinking of knitting him some slipper to wear over his socks.  His feet get so cold in his room.  The rest of him is fine except for his feet.  I usually crochet slippers but I've got an idea for a pair of slipper socks that he can wear over his other socks.  In acrylic, since it won't be next to the skin.  I can't wear full acrylic socks.  They really bother my feet.  Woolease is fine, but 100%

I made progress on my mother's sock last night although with size 1 needles, it's slow going.  Still, it's a two row pattern and doesn't require tons of attention.  A bit, but not tons.  I've got enough Woolease to make my dad a pair of heavy socks but I won't be done before the new year, which is fine.  I usually send out a care package after the holidays since those are the days that are more depressing.  The afterglow is gone and reality sets in.

So, I must go crawl back into bed and maybe just go to sleep.  I'm fighting it right now and can't figure out why I don't just give in to it.



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