Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I must learn to proofread

No, I'm not making a hat for peeping Toms.  I meant a voyageur hat, not a voyeur hat in my last post.  Do you know when it occurred to me what I had written?  At about 3:30 a.m.  It woke me up from a dead sleep.  How embarrassing.

Zach and I did some work outdoors today, putting things in the garage for the winter.  I still have a few things to put in there, but we had to wrestle the futon out of the garage and into the house.  Then maneuvering the full size futon under the other full size futon, bearing in mind that it's like dealing with dead weight since it has no frame to it...and bends in the tiny hard work.  I think I lost weight doing that. 

But I have more of a bed now, although a soft one.  Personally I prefer a soft mattress to a firm one so maybe this will make sleeping better and less stress on my joints and muscles while sleeping.  It definitely is higher now so I'm not crawling out of the bed anymore.  I can just sit up and then stand without needing to pull myself up on anything.

Professor insisted on being part of making up the bed.  He always did that in the evening when I would try to turn the couch into a bed, going where I pointed so I could work on one section at a time.  He did the same thing today only it was a bit more difficult.  He seems to love the softness, too.

I've got a chicken in the crockpot but it won't be ready before 6:30, which is okay since we had a late lunch.  I've got to figure out what I'm going to do with the chicken.  Probably chicken and noodles or something.  I'm trying to stretch the chicken into 3 meals, which shouldn't be that difficult at all.  I just need some interesting recipes so we don't get bored.

I'm working on the top portion of the hat now.  I'm not sure when I'll start decreasing since I'm winging this.  Maybe I'll look up a voyageur hat pattern and get an idea.  In the meantime I should start the second sock before I forget how I did the first one.

I think we'll put the tree up tomorrow and decorate the house.  I don't have anything else planned and hope not to go to the store or library for at least five more days.  I hope.  I also need to wash another load of clothes so I'd better clear up some space in the dining room for that.  Maybe I'll do that later tonight.  Or tomorrow. 

I also need to look up an ornament pattern. I add one every year and lately have started making them since I can't find what I want in the stores.  I didn't see anything at the thrift store either, but their prices are comparable to the department stores, which is a bit silly. I wonder sometimes at the people who price things there.  I've seen stained t-shirts in the women's section going for more than new ones at StuffMart.

Time to get back to knitting.  I'm getting a lot more done these past few days and I'm loving it.  Hopefully I'll find time after the house is decorated to dye my singles so I can ply them.


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