Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everything old is new again

I didn't get much sleep last night, in part because the dr's office called first thing this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep after that.  But it was good news.  My cholesterol levels are nearly at goal and my liver numbers are improving.  I have no idea why since I'm not doing anything in particular.  Except I'm not dieting anymore.  Not worrying about it and some days not eating much at all.  Enough, but not much.

I had a burst of energy last night and turned the living room back into a bedroom again. Hence the title. I get really wiped out making up the bed and then making up the couch, twice a day.  I really have that little energy that it uses up what little I could be using toward cooking and cleaning.  So...not ideal as it's the futon, but better than the full size bed and awful mattress I was using before.  I'm going to bring the old futon out of the garage and use it under the new one to give me extra stability.  And height.  Plus it will protect the old futon from the elements out in the garage.  It's put up so the mice can't get to it, but still...

Tom was okay with it since we don't have a lot of company and his family never sit in the living room anyway.  They socialize at the dining table.  I can't do that because it hurts my back too much to sit on hard chairs like that, but they seem to love it.  Besides, Tom hardly ever uses the living room himself.  He prefers to watch tv in his bedroom where he can smoke and go on the computer.  So, in essence, it was my room anyway.

I finished up one of Zach's socks last night but ripped the Greek fret hat because it was too small in spite of adding more stitches.  So I'm going with a bigger needle but decided to make it a long hat instead of a beanie type.  More like a voyeur hat  or a stocking hat.  I'm going to wing it as I don't have a pattern for it, but that shouldn't be too hard.  I just decrease more slowly than I would with a beanie.  I think it will be a good fit for me as beanies always slide off my head.  Upward.  I must have a pointed head or something.

I had to make another trip to the store because Tom was out of his cranberry capsules.  He has problems with occasional kidney infections and the cranberry capsules keep him from getting them.  If he remembers to take them .  He decided he didn't need them anymore and woke up this morning with a back ache.  I gave him my back support thingy to wear since it has much better support than his does and sent him off while I went to the store to get the capsules.  While there I picked up some kitchen stuff I needed.  Dirt cheap stuff, like a dollar or so but it's one of those things you never get because you don't think you need to spend the money on it.  My rubber spatulas are falling apart and I needed a new pair of tongs so I got them while I was there.  In addition to some bread and a few staples so I don't have to go back for several days.  I hope.

Zach brought the clothes in off the line while I was gone and they were dry.  It was sunny and windy today (windy yesterday but cloudy) so they are nice and soft and smell really good.  I picked up a long bungee cord to string from the hutch to the ironing rack on the wall under the heating vent so I've got some socks and my lymphedema wrappings that I hand-washed.  It saves me the space for one rack, at least although some of the people in this house will have to duck a bit when they go into the kitchen.  Not me, of course.  There are advantages to being short.  But I have the towels I used to absorb the water from them on a rack in my bedroom.  Out of the way so it's no problem.  I can clean up one area in the dining room that has some stuff from the car and a basket of my knitting (if I can find a place to put that) so I can get another rack there.  It's in front of the vent as is the one in my bedroom so they should dry well.  If I can find another place for the remaining rack, I can get maybe two loads of clothes washed at once. In an emergency.  I wouldn't need to do that otherwise.

Well, I've got supper cooking...some kind of pasta dish.  I'm making it up as I go along.  Then after the dishes, I'm falling into bed.  That I don't have to make up tonight.  Which makes me very happy.


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