Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary and Merry Solstice

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary but as neither of us has a romantic bone in our bodies, we settled for gifts last night when he got in from work.  I got a lovely black cardigan with black sequins on it.  He handed me two gifts but I wanted to wait to open the bulk on Christmas since I usually only have one gift to open.  Now I'm rethinking it as the other gift goes with my sweater and I have nothing to wear to the Christmas party tomorrow night.

I got Tom a Warren Zevon cd:  Excitable Boy, which happens to be my favorite of his albums.  He was quite happy about it since he only has a cassette of it now but no cassette player.

We let Zach open a present for Solstice as well.  We got him a Bowser plushie (from the Mario games) and he was thrilled with it.  I'm getting really anxious for Christmas so I can see their faces when they open their gifts.

Yesterday was another fatigue day with errands (and I forgot Tom's back pain medicine so I have to go back tonight) and hanging up a load of laundry on racks.  I didn't get the kitchen cleaned up so I plan on just loading up the dishwasher instead.  And we must work on Zach's room today because he will need a clean room on Christmas morning because of one of the gifts we got him.

It was after 6 a.m. when I finally got to sleep but I didn't stay asleep, even then.  The city were out with their snow plows because we got about 2 inches of snow last night.  It looks nice and fortunately the sidewalks are warm enough it has melted off of them, but I'm not enthused about snow this year at all.  I still haven't recovered from the year of 108 inches of snow that we had to manually remove from the sidewalk and driveway.

I frogged the ocean socks after making a mistake in the pattern early on and just went with plain vanilla socks.  I'm tired and even knitting isn't exciting me right now.  I know I'll bounce back soon but for now I just want something mindless.  I got three responses to the baby boucle yarn and the first person to respond is supposed to pick it up today.  I've got two people to fall back on if not.  I've got some worsted boucle in the cabinet that I might use to crochet up a shawl for the rest of winter but then again, maybe not.  I really don't like working with boucle.

I'm thinking that I might not dye my Welsh top singles, instead just knitting up some socks out of it.  Depends on how it feels next to my skin though.  Not this winter, but next, maybe.  I do need to work on my fleece, washing and carding it so I can spin it.  I still have my practice fleece, already scoured and needing to be carded.  It's good enough to use for something that doesn't rest on the skin and honestly it doesn't feel that much different from the Shetland wool.

Well, the woman called about the yarn and will be here soon so I had to clean up the kitchen really quickly and will vacuum as soon as I sign off here.  Still much to do today including the bird feeder and Zach's room.


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