Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm on a roll

Today was another productive day although I still don't have the tree up.  Yet.  I will probably go get it as soon as I finish writing this.  I have supper cooking on the stove...spaghetti, this time, and bread rising in the loaf pans.  I have wet laundry hanging on racks in the kitchen, dining room and living/bedroom.  I moved the curtain over the front door to the foyer side of the doorway so I have two curtains there as a double insulation.  I can't use the curtain over the door because it has warped it but the foyer curtain never seems to be shut due to family members not bothering to shut it when they go through it.  The extra curtain stays closed, thereby ensuring some kind of insulation.

I frogged a good deal of my yellow and black Greek fret hat, making it into a square hat rather than a beanie.  I have no idea what it looks like on me, but it feels warm and doesn't squeeze my head.  Therefore it tends to stay on.  So I'm nearly done with the blue and white blanket that I started many months ago.  I think in the future I'll stay away from boucle yarn.  I really don't enjoy knitting with it at all.  I had intended to donate the blanket to the animal shelter but Hannibal has claimed it and Professor slept under it last night so I think they will be getting it for Christmas.  Or maybe a little earlier.  I still have a log cabin pink and white one I'm working on and since I only used half of the two skeins of blue and white boucle, I might incorporate the blue into the pink and white.  Which will leave me with tons of pink and white left over.  Maybe just more garter stitch blankets.  I could do with mindless knitting.

I'll probably finish up Zach's sock tonight and go back to knitting on my mother's socks.  Then I need to pick up Zach's sweater and finish it.  I'm more than halfway done with it so I might be able to finish it up while it's still cold enough to wear it.  We're doing okay with the heat down to about 58F during the day and 50 at night.  I'm a bit worried as Tom has re-joined the pension program which means a significant decrease in his take-home pay.  And I do mean significant.  This, after just buying a car and having car payments.  Plus if they don't extend the payroll thing, we'll have even less money to work with.  The utilities and grocery bill are the only things that are flexible so that's where the biggest cuts will have to come from.  But we do need to have something to live on when he can't work anymore.  So it's a huge rock, a hard wall and little space in between.

I would drop part of our cable but we're locked in for another 11 months.  At which time I'll drop down to a cheaper package but keep the dvr box.  With that I don't need the movie channels.  Especially as our library is better than Netflix.  And free to use.

I think I'll wait until tomorrow to put the tree up.  I'm waiting for the bread to bake and supper is almost ready and I'm more than ready to knit and watch tv so the decorating can wait.  Fortunately we got a lot done today and Zach finished up his chores early so I don't have to worry he'll forget to set out the trash.  Not that he ever does, but I'm just a worrier by nature.

The spaghetti is done so I'm signing off and shutting down the computer.  I got Howl's Moving Castle (the book) from the library yesterday and love it!  Plus I've got two other books I'm reading, too.  So many books, so little time.

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