Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A great Christmas was had by all

We opened up our gifts on Christmas eve because that's when it always felt like Christmas to me rather than Christmas morning.  I mean, all the nativity scenes took place at night so opening up presents in the morning always seemed a bit off to me so this year we changed that.  It worked out much better and we got to sleep in on Christmas morning.  Except no one could sleep so we ended up mostly watching the sun rise and slept all day.

It wasn't the gifts; it was mostly everyone under the weather.  I think the party on Friday wore us out and then Tom sort of let all the back pain and stress catch up with him.  As a result our sleeping habits took a huge hit and I went to bed last night at 6:30 a.m., slept off and on, mostly on, until about 10 p.m.  Stayed up until around 11:30 and then back to sleep immediately.  Unfortunately Professor has started waking me up around 3:30 a.m. for a trip outdoors.  He won't poo in the house so I have to get up with him.  By the time he has scouted the whole yard, found his spot and done his business and then try to get Tank (the next door Rottweiler) to bark at him, I'm wide awake.  It was 5:30 before I got back to sleep and then I slept in fits and starts until around 8 a.m.  Tom got up early and was banging about in the kitchen so I ended up just getting up.

Then as soon as Tom left for work (he won't be home until around 4:30 a.m.) we headed out to pay bills and run errands.  Just got home and I'm exhausted but we still have the trash to gather up, the recyclables and trash to set out, the dining room to clean up a bit and wash some stuff in the sink to hang on the racks.  I did laundry yesterday and tried to hang them up on the rack but as soon as I brought them upstairs, Tom was puttering around in the kitchen and dining room so trying to work around him was bothersome.  As I have said before...it's a tiny house and two people cannot function in any of the rooms.

I did get a bit of knitting done on the sock but was too tired to do anything else except watch my Babylon 5 dvd.  I got the whole series for Christmas in addition to the Percy Jackson books I was missing.  Zach got a hdtv, a game, controller and a portable dvd player.  Tom got a new wallet and a turntable that converts vinyl to cds.  He's been upstairs copying his albums all weekend.  We spent far too much and won't do it again but once in a while you have to just for the sake of morale.  We've avoided going into debt every year so far and end up with next to nothing for Christmas so we decided this would be the one year we celebrated.  I think we can go back next year to our mini-Christmases but we needed this one.  And we didn't go thousands in debt.

I'm going to stick the pizza and bread sticks in the oven and get the trash sorted and then go to bed.  I'll clean house tomorrow.  Too tired tonight.


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