Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh, crap.

The fatigue is back, damn it!  I didn't get a lot done over the weekend although there are presents under the tree.  Too many of them are mine, in my opinion.  This is supposed to be Zach's big year.  We're going to wrap Tom's presents tonight to add to the pile.

I let the kitchen get away from me this weekend, but to my credit I have to state that Tom used more dishes than we own and I couldn't keep up.  Or I could be exaggerating a bit.  Still, I couldn't keep up with all the dishes and finally just went to bed.  The counters were full and both sinks full when I got up.  I was tempted to go back to bed.  Which I did a couple of hours later.  Damn fatigue.

I got the shopping done but didn't do any other errands.  I'm just too tired.  I'll get them on Wednesday.  We have a family party on Friday, I think but I really don't have any dressy clothes to wear.  Maybe just jeans an my Christmas fleece sweater with sparkles on it.  I've got nothing else.

I finished up a pair of bed slippers for Zach and am working on a pair of Ocean socks for me.  I've decided to knit the yarn up for just us this year.  I'm barely making it through the days again and need to work on our stuff for a while.  As it is, we'll be having corn dogs for supper tonight because I'm so tired.

And my left arm is really hurting when I type because it's wrapped up in my lymphedema wrappings, which are always painful, which is why I don't wear them like I should.  But my clothes aren't fitting because my arm is more than twice the size it should be.  They don't make clothes for women with big arms.

Off to go lie down and let Zach fix supper.  I hate the fatigue worse than the pain.


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