Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

It's been quite a year but don't count on me to do any recaps. I'm much too lazy to go back through my blog and figure out just what I did during the last year.

I don't think I'm going to keep track of the books I've read next year. It was an interesting experiment but it's not necessary to continue it. I know I read a lot.

I don't make resolutions per se...all right I make all kinds of resolutions but not necessarily New Year's resolutions. I tend to view each day as a new slate, one that I can start over on. So I do. Repeatedly. It's a good thing I don't keep track of all the broken ones. Otherwise I'd feel like a failure for not keeping them.

So...I have ambition, but not resolutions.

I managed to get to town today only to find the library and credit union closed. Drat! So I went to StuffMart and fought the crowds there. It was actually worse than Christmas Eve. Mostly because they were restocking shelves and you couldn't get to anything because of their huge carts and lack of desire to accommodate the customers. I bought a bunch of stuff ahead so I won't have to shop every week except for basics like milk. I hope it works out. Otherwise I spent a small fortune that will cost me even more next week.

I did buy some Caron Simply Soft in bulk on sale. Not sure what I'll do with it but I have 33 ounces to work with for only $12. It's an olive green-ish, which works for me. Maybe another sweater or something.

The birds haven't been near the feeder all week. I'm not sure why. Maybe they travel around sampling and haven't made their way back to our cuisine yet. Who knows?

Well, Zach and I have to get outside to shovel the sidewalks because we got an inch or two of snow last night. But I'm resting a bit from the store. It really was exhausting and I was limping because of my bad hip (I see the rheumatologist next month) and so tired I wanted to break down like some of the screaming kids I heard today.

Off to knit and watch more Farscape. I have the dvds for two more weeks thankfully so I can watch all the commentaries and the special features. I love it!


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