Saturday, December 19, 2009

'Tis the season to be cranky...

...fa la la la la, la la la la.

No seriously, I stopped off at StuffMart today after swinging by the library where I scored the early seasons of Midsomer Murders complete with a behind the scenes dvd, Doubt, and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life and was met with a full parking lot. I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing I stopped at Wendy's for a chili and soda. Except I got a baked potato instead. I have commitment issues. Yeah.

The manager knows me pretty well so we chatted while I ate. He looked out at the parking lot and mentioned how full it was and with a straight face pondered, "Do you suppose something is going on over there?" I followed suit and said I heard something was coming up next week but I wasn't sure what it was. A woman at the table beside me got really huffy about that. No sense of humor.

I took a book to read in the lines but the cashier I was served by was mighty quick and efficient. I didn't even get a full page read and I was fourth in line. But oh! how people behave in crowds. Amazing! Blocking aisles with the cart in the middle while, holding family reunions. Carts sideways across the aisle. It's a good thing I'm patient. No, I really am.

Thing is I didn't really do much shopping. I'm waiting until tomorrow when I buy some scrip from our church. I just got a couple of things I didn't want to run out of. One bag, not even half full.

I'm planning on cutting out the apron next week. It shouldn't take much to put it all together and it would be nice to have it done when I start with a fury after Christmas. I turned the heel last night on the second sock of the third pair. I'll finish it up tonight and start the multi-colored fourth pair using leftovers from the other three pair. I should have the socks sent off to Tennessee after the first of the year. Then I'll go back to knitting my cardigan.

When I said yesterday that I didn't have a pure agenda, I didn't mean I don't care about the environment. I do, very much. But I think of it as living my life caring for God's creation. Not so much about being green or measuring my carbon footprint. Much like dieting doesn't work for me because the focus is on the process rather than the end result, being green is like that for me. I do much better just trying to be a good steward, taking care of what I can rather than focusing on the process.

And in that vein, I re-filled the bird feeder today. I bought bulk for a few reasons, one being cost. Other reasons included not having to bring it home every week and not having to deal with separate packages. It seems to be a different brand, however, which is good. I need to shake those birds up from time to time.

There was a lone bird out there this afternoon. I'm used to birds by the herd, which is so funny to watch. They hang on the bushes and then all fly for the feeders, of which only a few are lucky enough to attach themselves. Then they all fly back to the bushes. Lather, rinse, repeat. But this guy was all by his lonesome and was able to take his time munching down. It was nice to watch. But I really must find the binoculars so I can see just who they all are. I'm pretty sure the herd is a flock of starlings. It's the loners I'd like to get to know better.

We've got a sprinkling of snow going on out there but it has warmed up enough that the river is thawing. I hope the sidewalks and streets won't be icy tomorrow but we're getting up early enough to deal with it. Hard to believe we're in the countdown to Christmas.

Off to clean up the kitchen after certain male members of the family have been in there cooking.


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Kim said...

I had to laugh, yes our "crazymart" is much the same.

I agree with the green movement thing. We try to be good stewards of what God created. Worship the Creator not the creation.