Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Waking up Wednesday

I was going to take pictures of all the bunny tracks all over the back yard, particularly the path Tom shoveled for me leading to the bird feeder, but they don't show up. White on white, you know. But it is unusual for us to have that many tracks all over the yard. I wonder if it has anything to do with the bird feeder and the spillage from it.

I got a bit more done today but I'm still taking things easy-ish. I baked a loaf of bread in the toaster oven. I made up a 3/4 lb loaf instead of a pound and it fit much better into the toaster oven. And I like the size better for sandwiches. So from now on that's the size I will make...until I get a new stove. Part of me is wondering if I can fix the door on the oven because, while the stove looks cruddy, it cooks wonderfully. I would hate to have to break in a new one.

I'm doing laundry but decided to use the dryer this winter instead of hanging them out. I just don't think the weather will be conducive to using the clothes line on a regular basis. And because our house is so tiny and so full of furniture, I don't want to have racks that I have to keep moving just to cook supper or walk through the living room. The dryer will help heat up the house since it's vented indoors. A little bit anyway.

Yesterday we were so cold even with the thermostat sitting on 60F so I gathered up my candles and set them on the coffee table and we enjoyed our "fireplace." Maybe it was psychological but it did feel warmer. Zach has been spending more time out of his room lately. Mostly because his wifi card isn't working at peak efficiency but it's good to see him.

Tomorrow will be errand day: banking, library and shopping. I'm trying not to go to the store more often than once a week but so far it hasn't worked out. It does help that I've come to really dread shopping, where before I used to love it. I'll try to do better in the future and plan ahead better.

It also helps when people write what we're out of or going to be out of on the list before I leave for the store instead of while I'm gone. Just sayin'.

I've been reading a lot of gardening/homesteading/urban farming blogs lately and saw a recommendation for a magazine: BackHome magazine. I went to the site and saw they had a free 16 page plan for building wind turbines so I subscribed. Can't get the plans that cheap anywhere. I know because we looked extensively last summer. Plus the magazine looks good. At least I hope it is. I'm not a magazine person but I do get tired of doing all my research at the computer. I need hard copies sometimes.

Well, off to put the clothes in the dryer, wash up the lunch dishes and scan the cookbooks for something interesting for supper that uses hamburger.


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