Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday is for errands

I'm beginning to hate shopping. Not only because of the sticker shock at the register, but the crowds. Why do people decide to have family reunions in the middle of the aisle and then glare at you when you try to pass them. Or make rude comments in a stage you're not supposed to hear that, of course.

It is done for another week although I do have to go back Saturday or Sunday because they were out of a couple of things and I didn't get to the library today because Tom took the car (I can drive the truck during the day as long as I don't need the lights) and my library card is on my key chain. So I'll wait until Saturday or send Tom in my place.

It's a good thing I didn't intend to dry clothes out on the line because it started snowing today a bit. Not much...just some flurries but the sun didn't shine at all and it was an all around crummy day for drying clothes. And tomorrow we are expecting snow. I hate using the dryer, although the house did warm up some and the added humidity felt really nice.

So on errand day nothing much gets done. I'm pretty much wiped out from the energy used to deal with traffic, weather, traveling from place to place, and the energy it takes to find my way through the crowds. Probably just hamburgers and fries tonight as that is something I can just throw together without any effort.

I told Tom today I think we should try to fix the stove since we don't have the money for both the stove and fixing the truck and we do need the truck. We also need a new freezer. The one in the basement hasn't worked for 8 years. It's a huge chest type and needs to go to the landfill but getting it there has been the obstacle. Having a big garden is pointless if I have no way to save the food for winter. I hate canned vegetables so I'll need to freeze them. And I'm trying to talk Tom into hunting around here in addition to his hunting trips up north. The license is good for the whole year for various seasons so why only use it a couple of weeks out of the year. We could use the meat.

And he found out at work that he won't be getting a bonus this year (no surprise there) OR a raise next year, which means we'll still be operating for the second year on a 15% pay cut. As the cost of living soars. A year ago my grocery bill was around $80. Now it's at $120 and that's with me cutting out some of the processed meals and cooking more from scratch. I wonder if we'll be able to afford heat at all next winter.

Raising chickens and rabbits is starting to appeal to me more and more. But my luck it won't be legal in this small city.

I got a 20 lb bag of bird seed today. Cost-wise it was much cheaper than the 4 lb bag I usually get. I hope it lasts me the winter but the way word of mouth is getting out, I'll be feeding the entire population of birds in Wisconsin by January.

Off to fix supper so I can jump into my jammies and crawl into bed for some more Farscape and knit some more socks. I've got 2 pair done and have turned the heel on the first sock of the third pair. No other knitting getting done though.


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