Monday, December 21, 2009

Much of nothing not going on

I fear I'm running out of steam. Yesterday after church I slept for 2 hours and then went to bed early and slept for about 9 hours. We didn't stop at the store after church because no one saved us a space in the parking lot so we just went home. After my 2 hour nap and some sitting around doing nothing I went back to the store and while it wasn't crowded, it wasn't empty either. Although the shelves were. I'm talking the food section having empty sections. Amazing. I wanted to get ahead on my groceries because I don't want to go anywhere near that place after Christmas.

So we should be good for quite a while. We can get milk from the convenience store a block away (and it's cheaper, in fact, than the a penny) so I'm good for a while.

Today I had a hard time getting moving. I was dragging after all that sleep, I guess. I did start emptying out cabinets in the kitchen, intending to do some organizing, rearranging and disposing of things I never use. I managed to get 3 cabinets cleaned and organized, a big garbage bag full to throw away and a smaller one started for the thrift store. Including a complete set of metal cake decorating stuff. I have no idea where that came from.

I need to make one more trip to Beaver Dam before Christmas eve when I go in to set up for the Eucharist for the Christmas eve service. The church is breathtakingly beautiful! I need to get a picture of it when I go next time. I need to get Professor's present. I meant to do it after church Sunday but forgot. So...I don't want to wait until Christmas eve so I'm going tomorrow.

Not a lot to report since I've been so lethargic the past couple of days. I need to wrap presents, probably tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm done getting ready for Christmas. I've got a chicken to roast and we'll have potatoes, gravy and corn and maybe some homemade bread to go along with it. Zach wants gravy and biscuits but I'm not doing all that cooking on Christmas. We'll have the gravy and biscuits for the day after.

Chili tonight because it cooks itself while I'm tearing the kitchen apart and since it's almost done, I'm off to find the counters so we can eat.


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