Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mosquitoes are out to get me

Not much sleep last night but not because of the heat.   The mosquitoes are just not letting us sleep much at all.  Tom tried to sleep downstairs last night but seemed to prefer the heat to the mosquitoes.  I have tried to squeegee the puddle down in the basement but it's just too far to the drain and too much of an uphill climb to make much progress so I bought a shop vac today.  Not a big one and it was on sale, but this is getting unbearable so I had to do something.

I also got some indoor citronella candles, too.  They seem impervious to any kind of DEET or insect spray so I don't know what the candles will do.  And they don't seem to mind the fans on high either.  Major super-mosquitoes apparently.

I did get some knitting done last night.  The temps eventually dropped to the low 60s overnight so it would have been comfortable sleeping if the damned mosquitoes had left me alone.

Professor wasn't feeling well.  He wouldn't drink any water and then started coughing. I noticed that when he did try to drink he was behaving strangely so I gave him a baby aspirin in bologna.  Within a half hour he was drinking water just fine...gulping it, in fact.  I suspect his throat was sore.  He seems fine today.  No coughing and drinking lots of water.

I didn't use the a/c today but have two window fans pointing outside and that is helping but Tom wanted to bake chicken today so the oven is on and I can feel it in the dining room.  Still, don't want to use the a/c until it's necessary and from now on, only to cool off the bedroom.  It's just too expensive to try and cool the whole house off with a room-sized a/c.

I've decided I need to take some time off from the computer...although not a vacation...more like I need to set limits. I have a lot to get done and now that I have some miniscule energy coming back, I want to use it for good instead of evil.  :)

Off to move to the bedroom to get away from the heat from the stove.



knittingdragonflies said...

I just read where spritzing some witch hazel with some lime juice in it repels mosquitoes. I'm putting it to the test!

Kathy said...

Where do you find witch hazel? I must try this.