Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sleep but not rest

The store equivalent of ZZZquil got me to sleep and kept me there but I woke up with that sleeping pill hangover I hate so much.  I ended up going back down a couple of hours after I woke up and slept hard for 2 more hours.  And I'm still just as tired as I always am.

At least I got sleep though.

I had meds to pick up so I went to the store today and picked up a few things.  We've been watering the outdoor plants with runoff from the shower but I think the blueberry bushes are toast.  They don't look like they will ever come back.  Zach's shower runoff will go toward the grape vine today.  It's getting brown leaves and all the grapes have died out before they ever got ripe.

I'm on the last sleeve of the baby sweater.  I looked up some more patterns on Ravelry for sport yarn and I've got some lovely christening gowns that I can convert to dresses in my pattern stash.  They're challenging but fun.  I'm ready to get back to working with worsted weight in the evenings since the night time temps are down to about 60 now.

Zach is going to cook supper tonight and I only have one load of clothes to wash and stick in the dryer so I'm getting an early start on bed time.  I hope I sleep tonight but if I can't I'll use the herbal stuff.  I don't want to use the other stuff on a regular basis.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be more energetic and at least able to get some minor things done.



knittingdragonflies said...

Sounds like your knitting right along! You make me feel guilty using your shower water for good use. I know we have dug up one shrub, my blueberries are looking pretty brown, but they are old bushes so I'm hoping they pull through.
Keep cool. Hard to get good sleep in the heat!!

Kathy said...

I'm not a fast knitter. Not terribly slow but I just don't see the need to whiz through a project. Being a process knitter, I just enjoy it too much to hurry through.

For some reason our faucet in the but started leaking while we shower so I put a bucket under there and use it for plants or to fill up the washer. I've got to do what I can with the economy racing away but Tom's raises ending up around 1%.