Monday, July 9, 2012

Fibromyaglia and hot days don't work well together

Last week in addition to the heat, I was battling the pain and fatigue that goes with fibromyalgia...always exacerbated by temperature extremes.  Not being able to sleep from the pain has been a regular occurrence for me and while I do have nights I can sleep, they are the exception rather than the rule.  No wonder I am so tired all the time.

Now that the weather has settled down, I kind of hoped the pain would, too.  It didn't keep me awake last night...the dog did that with his insistence on numerous trips outdoors to investigate the skunk that seems to have taken up residence in our neighborhood (and that aroma is enough to wake you up anyway.)  But today I'm hurting.  I've taken some ibuprofen, which did nothing at all, but I save my tramadol for night time.  Mostly.  I will take one after I eat supper in the hopes of calming the raging tides of pain.  Okay maybe not raging but certainly uncomfortable enough that I'm shifting in my chair trying to find a position that doesn't hurt.

I took an hour nap today but had to make a trip to the library, the credit union and a quick stop at the store for a few items.  I'm getting better and keeping the tab down at the store but I need to do better.

Macaroni and cheese tonight...homemade, of course.  I love the new oven with a door that shuts.  I just need to get used to the knobs so I can turn the correct one each time.  They're backwards from the old stove so it's taking some getting used to.

I"m still working away on the baby sweater.  I'm knitting a pattern that calls for fingering weight in sport weight yarn and making adjustments as I go.  The sleeve didn't fit so I ripped it back and am trying something different.  I hope it works because I'm getting a bit tired of the sweater now.  I also plan on getting back to some projects I've got in various bags all over the house.  I need to finish a few things or rip them back to the beginning.  I'm running out of room.

Spending less time online is working out well.  I'm just reading while I cook supper and sometimes while I eat it.  I"m getting more done even if I'm doing it at a slow rate due to the pain and fatigue.  I didn't get the clothes out on the line and will dry them in the dryer but we're talking quarters rather than dollars so it's okay to use it now and then when I can't handle the physical activity of hanging clothes out on the line.  It's mostly having to tramp down to the basement and carry a heavy load of wet clothes up but I need to work on that.

Supper appears to be done so I'm off to turn everything off and hope it cools down in here fast.  It's not as hot as last week but it got up in the low 90s today.  Not a joy at all, but not the brutal week we had before.



knittingdragonflies said...

Glad it is a little better, I can't imagine putting up with the pain and fatigue with the heat! It is funny that 95 feels cool isn't it?
Even the dogs are fighting for a place in front of the fans.

Kathy said...

It's hard but just as hard when the temperature drops 20 degrees as well. Let's face it, anything that happens outside the norm brings on a flare-up. :(