Friday, July 13, 2012


Wasn't enough and wasn't very long but it did rain today.  Less than 10 minutes but it actually left puddles in the road even if it didn't get the sidewalk under the trees wet.  And the air got extremely humid afterward.  Hopefully it will rain even more tonight.  That was a 10% chance.  Tonight is a 40% chance.

I had gone down for a nap because, of course, I didn't fall asleep until around 6:30 a.m. and then had to get up three times after that for Professor and Hannibal.  I finally got up around 10 because they weren't going to leave me alone.  But once I went down for a nap, I fell asleep immediately, only to wake up about 10 minutes later to the smell of rain and the sound of the wind knocking stuff off the dining table.  It smelled lovely and soon the rain came, but as it didn't last long, I went back to sleep.  Ten minutes later that Rachel bitch from Cardholder Services called and woke me up.  Then the library called a few minutes after that.

I gave up and got ready to go to the library to pick up a Star Wars movie for Zach.

I think Zach is going to have to fix supper again because I'm going back to bed now.  I'm so tired of not sleeping and feeling dragged out for most of my life.  Too muggy to knit right now anyway so sleep is about all I feel like doing.



knittingdragonflies said...

Yay! Rain! Hopefully you sent it our way! *grin*

Kathy said...

Did you get any last weekend? My parents were under a thunderstorm watch but I never heard if they got any at all. They're further east than you (north of L-ville.)

I wish I had some to share but with our grass completely brown with no green at all, I can't afford to. :(