Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mini heat waves and mini rain showers

Monday was broiling hot again and tomorrow promises the same but we had some rain last night and a prediction of rain today.  I'm not sure how much rain we got but Tom said the sidewalks were wet when he got up around 10 a.m.  And it was raining when I finally zonked out around 4:30 a.m.

I hardly slept all weekend long, even with the herbal sleeping capsules.  I think they're a bust and won't try them again but I might use the store brand version of ZZZquil again.  I didn't have much of a sleeping pill hangover...a bit but not much.  I slept until 2 p.m. yesterday with the a/c on because Professor had woken me up around 9 so I just got up and switched the window fans pointing out, closed the rest of the windows and turned my a/c on.  The minute I did that, Professor crawled onto the bed and curled up next to it.  He was probably getting warm and wanted me to do something about it.  I'll do the same tomorrow morning, although I hope I can sleep well enough to get up at 9.  I got up at noon today so maybe I'll get to bed earlier tonight.

I've been working on baby sweaters but one of them I made a huge mistake on.  For some reason the armholes are all two inches too short so I need to go back and redo them.  Trouble is, I'm just not interested in them now that I've hosed them up.  I will get back to them, but in the meantime I'm working on a pretty girl's sweater that has similarities to a swing coat, but not exactly.  I also have been working on the Greek Key Striped afghan.  Well, not yesterday but over the weekend it was pretty nice so I got some work done on it.  I'm on the plain stockinette section now so it's easy going.

I also decided, after digging out my bin of patterns and finding a leaflet of children's sweaters, that I would make some sweaters for school age kids, too. I'll probably dig out my stitch dictionaries so I can change up the design from time to time but for the most part they're pretty simple designs and since they're for small people, I can get many projects done to satisfy my need to accomplish something.  Plus I really want to make something for kids who don't get a lot in the way of warm winter things.  I'll probably knit up some hats and scarves as well.  And mittens.  I should be able to put a dent in my yarn stash if I keep this up.  It's so much more satisfying than knitting for myself.  I'm just not sure where to donate them.  I'm not terribly keen on the food pantry as they are all distributed through churches and I feel that church charities put pressure on people to convert based on personal experience.  I'll see if the library can take them.  They take hats, scarves and mittens.  If not, maybe I'll see if there is a Pagan center that will take them.

I need to do laundry today but with rain in the forecast I'll probably have to dry them in the dryer.  It would be nice to hang them out, though so I can get all of them washed in one day.  But if it takes them three days to dry because of the rain, that's not a viable alternative to the dryer.

I got The Walking Dead from the library, first season, and I really like it.  I've never really been creeped out by zombies but that first episode was really creepy and scary.  I wasn't so on edge in the second episode although it definitely was a very suspenseful viewing.  I'm totally hooked now.  We still have episode 2 & 3 of Star Wars to watch, too, but I was able to renew those so we've got all week to watch them.  I get a lot of knitting done watching movies and tv shows.  Mission Impossible is on one of the nostalgia channels and they're in season one now with Dan instead of Mr. Phelps, which I think is the best season so I've been dvr-ing those.  The knitting shows on PBS are done for the season and while I didn't think they were as good as some in the past, still I learned new things and picked up a few patterns to knit from.

Well, I should get a load of clothes started.  I looked at the weather forecast and saw some green moving this way.  It will probably skip us but I don't want to risk putting clothes out on the line.  Tomorrow will be too hot.


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