Friday, June 29, 2012

The new stove is here!

My new stove is in place and I've heated up the whole house trying to burn off the preservatives in the oven.  I waited until later in the day but I think midnight would have worked better.  Still, it makes the kitchen look so much better with a stove that isn't rusted with an oven door half hanging off.  Okay I exaggerate...a bit.  Tom has been wanting to replace it for years but up until we lost one of the burners, it still worked.  Plus I hated spending this much money.

I've got a round steak in the fridge (on sale) that I must use up today so I've got potatoes baking in the toaster oven and I'll get Zach's fries started as soon as they're done.  No point in heating up the oven for a smidgen of fries.  I'll get my iron grill pan out for the steaks.  And a salad. 

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because I wanted to be up and dressed in case they came early today.  As it was there were here just a little after 11, not bad at all.  Tom was still home and able to deal with the guys while I held Professor, who to my amazement, didn't even bark at them.  I'm not sure he even noticed they were in the house because his eyes were on the big truck outside.  But as I told Tom, once they make it in the house, he's not interested in them anymore.  The yard is his domain.  Tom thinks he would challenge them and I guess he's right since Professor has caught Tom trying to quietly sneak in the house after work when my lights were off and went ape-shit on him.

I got a load of clothes done and another waiting for the dryer.  I won't start that until later tonight.  One load a night should catch us up soon enough.  If my energy levels continue to increase, I'll hang them out on the line next week.  I am doing so much better getting things done, although I did take a 3 hour nap today to make up for the sleep I didn't get last night.  I also got the screens up in the kitchen and bathroom.  I've got a window fan in the kitchen blowing the heat out and will put one in the bathroom, blowing out as well. 

The temps didn't get very high today at all...well, compared to what was predicted.  We didn't even break 90.  Last time I looked it was 88, with low humidity.  But the week's forecast shows a lot of temps in the 90s.  This is not June/early July weather up here.  I shudder to think what August will look like.

I've been watching the present season of Knitting Daily and I'm not terribly impressed with it.  It's not that it's not always's just that it's nothing much I'm interested in.  I suppose they have to keep up with all the latest trends and fads but I don't so it's not as interesting for me.  Still, I watch and learn, as always.

I got 4 episodes of Dark Shadows out of the way last night but I'm going to have to go for marathon sessions if I expect to finish it before I have to take it back.  I can't believe you only get it for a week and there are 40 episodes to watch per collection.

I should vacuum again today since they tracked in stuff and the kitchen needs mopping again but I think I'll put that off until tomorrow.  It's not terrible looking and it will be too hot to work outside anyway.  For now, I'm going to go watch another episode or two of DS before I start the steaks.


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