Friday, July 27, 2012

Packages in the mail always cheer me up

I finally got some sleep last night although not as much as I probably should have gotten.  I'm not taking the herbal sleeping pills anymore.  They seem to be waking me up instead of making me drowsy.  I settled in after Tom got home from work and felt like I was ready to go to sleep and I did for about 15 minutes.  Then I woke up because the cat was rummaging around my nightstand looking for the mouse he let go twice this week and couldn't get back to sleep after that.  Not because of the mouse, but because I was wide awake after this.

I finally got to sleep around 5:30 a.m. and slept until 1:25 when I heard Tom leave for work.  At least I don't feel like I'm dragging right now.  Not bursting with energy but not foggy or lethargic either.

I got my knitting needles in the mail today.  I'm really tempted to start a new project now but I will wait until I finish another one first.  I was ready to start the armholes on the baby swing coat when I noticed that I had forgotten the eyelet designs in both sides of the front.  So I ripped out the left side and started over again.  The right side I'll just have to redo since I already have the band knitted on.  I'll save it and maybe make another one without the eyelet design.

The pink child's sweater is coming along nicely since it's just stockinette at this stage.  I used this pattern to knit Zach's sweaters when he was little but I only had Red Heart yarn available to me then.  I will say this for Red holds up nicely.  I was able to donate his sweaters to the thrift store and they looked practically new even after several washings.  Not so much with Wool Ease yarn.  I knitted him a very intricate sweater out of that and after just one washing it pilled so badly he couldn't wear it anymore.  So disappointing.

I wouldn't have a problem working with Red Heart yarn on these sweaters again if that's all I had available to me or all I could afford, but I do like working with the Bernat worsted weight.  It has a nice feel to it and holds up well while knitting.  I just don't know how well it holds up with washing.  I'll find out, I guess.

It rained again last night and today.  It's nice to sleep through a gentle rain.  Not to mention how cool it was during it.  The sun is out and it's warming up and I imagine the humidity will make it feel warmer but it's not supposed to get too high today so it will be tolerable.  I don't even have any fans on right now and I'm very comfortable.  I hope it's not too little too late for the corn crops.  And the farm animals.  I don't think all of my blueberry bushes made it.  I forgot about them and didn't water them early into the drought.  We got to them but they were already brown by then.

I have to run to the library today.  Tom says the car is okay to drive but I'm taking my phone with me so I can call hm if I get stuck.  He says it's just the O2 sensor.  If I go I think I'll take the truck's alternator in and get it tested and if it's the problem, pick up a new one so he can work on the truck Sunday. I don't expect him to get the truck ready by Monday but it will be a start.

Off to eat something and then head to the library.


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