Thursday, July 26, 2012

Early morning shopping

And by early morning, I mean 2 a.m.  We're back down to one vehicle now.  I could drive the car in town but I wouldn't trust it any further than I could walk home.  The engine light is on so trips in the car are for emergency or urgent use for now.  Tom is going to fix the truck since it's the easier and cheaper option for now.  When I say cheaper, I don't mean cheap.  I just mean it's not going to cost us as much.  I wish things would stop breaking down.

So I decided, instead of getting up early to get to the store and back before Tom had to go to work, we would just shop last night so I could sleep in this morning.  It was pouring rain when we went but not torrential.  Good steady rain for a few hours, which we desperately needed, with some lightening and thunder.  Quite nice, actually.

But in the middle of the night, the store is being worked on with painting crews, mopping and waxing crews and such so there were a couple of aisles I couldn't go down.  No big deal.  I got what I needed and came home.

And couldn't get to sleep for hours.  I think it was almost 4 before I finally dozed off and woke up at 8:30 with pain and couldn't get back to sleep.  So I just got up.  What can you do?

I'm making good progress on the baby sweater that resembles a swing coat and the child's sweater (size 6) in pink.  I looked at yarn this morning when I was at the store and they don't have any Bernat worsted weight yarn anymore.  Just Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart.  The Red Heart yarn is a big bulky for my sweater patterns.  Wouldn't be bad for child blankets but I don't plan on making many of those.  If I can't get the yarn cheap, I can't afford to knit stuff for charity.  Fortunately, I have a huge stash of yarn I can make several children's sweaters out of and even some hats and scarves.  And since they still have baby sport weight yarn there, albeit in pastels only, I can keep up with baby stuff.

I ordered some new knitting needles since I can't get the size I need anywhere around here.  I don't know why size 5 & 6 circulars are impossible to find in craft stores but they are.  While I was at it, I got some more stitch holders.  I do use just waste yarn a lot but sometimes I need something a bit sturdier.  And it was only a couple of dollars.  I bought Boye needles because it's what I've used since I first learned how to knit 40+ years ago and haven't had a single problem with them in all that time.  I have used different brands occasionally and have had problems so I stick with what works for me.  In the future I'll need some longer circular needles but that can wait.

I plan on picking up my old projects come fall so I can finish up the two sweaters I started last winter.  And I'm still plugging away on the Greek Key Striped afghan in teal and off-white.  Something to curl up under this winter.  And yes, I'm already looking forward to winter.  I'm not a summer person at all.  Neither is Tom so moving south for retirement isn't on our agenda.  If anything, Tom would move further north.  I wouldn't mind so much except the expense of living in a remote location wouldn't fit in with our future, meager retirement income.

I still have some yarn to work on dishcloths since I apparently lost one of the ones I just finished up last month.  No one is copping to it's disappearance.  It's not in the laundry and not in the sink so I have no idea what happened to it.  Probably the car key fairies.  They're responsible for everything that gets misplaced in the house.

I'm nearly done with The Walking Dead.  It's an amazing series, much better than I had thought.  I'll see if I can get the second season but not right away.  I get burned out if I do marathons.  Plus we've got the Star Wars movies to watch as well.  And I'm working my way reading through the Harry Potter books and watching the movies after each book.  I just finished up The Order of the Phoenix last night and will watch the movie tonight.  I think I might try a few other tv series I haven't watched before I take on the second season of Walking Dead.  I get my knitting done while watching tv.

I think I'm going back down for a nap because I can't keep my eyes open and it's getting warm already, although it's not supposed to get extremely hot today.  Hard to say since the Weather Channel is misbehaving today and isn't showing any input for our local weather.  But for now it's tolerable in the house with hardly any of the fans going so I don't anticipate being terribly uncomfortable.  Yesterday was supposed to be 100+ with heat indices near 110.  But it barely broke 90 so it wasn't too bad at all until evening when the humidity got really bad.  Then I turned on the air conditioner but I put it on low because I actually got chilly from it.  Professor, of course, immediately crawled into bed right beside it when I turned it on.  He is one hot puppy.

Well, hopefully I'll get lots of knitting done and even some sleeping. 


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