Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We had a few days of summer

but tomorrow the temps will be back in the fall range.  Mid 40s during the day and 20s at night.  I still don't have the plastic on the windows yet but tomorrow I must get that done.  Not to mention the rest of the winterizing.  Won't be long before I have to turn the furnace on.

I'm making progress on the baby blanket.  I had knitted a few inches but thought the blanket felt a bit stiff in spite of the soft yarn so I frogged it and began again with a size 8 size up.  It definitely feels better.  Has a nice drape to it now.  It will be a crib blanket rather than one to wrap the baby in but still needs to be softer.  I haven't started the sweater yet.  Not in a hurry right now as I'll make it a six month size.  I never make newborn sizes because people always get gifts for that size anyway.  I plan for later down the road.

Came back from Beaver Dam today after paying the bills, visiting my miniscule checking account at the credit union and shopping and traffic was backed up at E and A with a really bad accident.  The car was in a ditch with the entire passenger side completely caved in.  I didn't see what other vehicle was involved but there were no ambulances on the scene but we got there a while after the accident.  It's a bad intersection because there are people who don't seem to remember or realize that the cross traffic doesn't stop in spite of the signs.  Several years ago a woman pulled out in front of us and Tom had to stand on the brakes in order to avoid hitting her.  She shook her finger at us and then kept driving.  We blew a brake line and had to get the car repaired.  Just a few weeks ago a van hit a semi at that intersection.  I believe the van driver was on his cell phone at the time.

Been watching Hex on BBCA.  I missed it first time around but this time I am watching with great enthusiasm.  It's a great show.  The British do horror shows much better, I think.  I've got Merlin on dvr, too, but Zach wants to watch it with me and since he's been too busy's piling up.  We'll have to do a marathon.  Both men are loving the dvr boxes.  Tom initially said he didn't want one but he is enjoying the upper science channels a lot.  And Zach gets to watch all his cartoons now.  None of which were on the lower channels. 

Hopefully with the weather getting colder, trips to town will be less frequent and more knitting will be happening here.  I've got tons of projects going that I need to finish.  I have a stash of yarn that is overflowing all my bins and drawers.  I must knit it up! 

But for now, supper is demanding my attention.  Baked ziti and salad.  And a quick clean up and then to bed for knitting and watching the British mysteries I have accumulated on dvr.


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