Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I was making such progress and then two nights of insomnia and I can't function again.  I have maintained the house so far but I'm so tired in spite of a long nap.  Naps never, ever refresh me.  If anything they make me more tired and I mess up my sleep rhythms so badly I'm in a cycle for weeks, but I couldn't stay awake any longer.

I need to knit as my daughter had her baby the other day and I'm trying to get the blanket and sweater done.  I'm using a Lion Brand pound of something or other that is soft and pink and a joy to work with.  I've got the Bernat baby sport for the sweater, which is in a magazine I've got.  I got the blanket pattern off the internet and it's lacy and cabled.  So, as I'm not a fast knitter, taking longer than I would like.  Especially when I can't knit because of the fatigue.

Seriously, the fatigue is debilitating and worse than the pain for me.

So I guess I'd better get supper going and let Zach clean up the kitchen afterward.  It's trash day and he's got to clean out an area of the basement as well.  I really, really hate feeling like this all the time.


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