Saturday, October 6, 2012


Temps have plunged here, especially at night.  We had freezing temps last night and more are predicted tonight.  I have been winterizing, although I'm far from done.  Still, the storm windows are all on and we close the thermal curtains as soon as it starts getting dark, which is earlier and earlier.  I love this time of year.

I have plastic to put on the windows but Zach's room will take precedence over the weekend.  We are tackling his room to organize and put his bed on an inside wall.  His room gets so cold in the winter that we got him a space heater just to take the edge off. 

Tom is up north this weekend to spend time with his brother at his cabin in the woods.  They get along so well and he really deserves this time away.  Work is especially stressful these past few years.  He took my camera and my phone.  I just hope he brings them back.  He's good at that usually but each trip he forgets something.  I just hope it's not any of my stuff this time.

I've been winding yarn today.  I dyed the Welsh top with coffee but the color isn't what I had imagined.  It's like an ecru color instead of the darker color I wanted.  I just couldn't get it darker though.  I think the top doesn't hold dye very well.  At least I didn't felt it.  So I'm winding hanks into balls so I can ply it.  Mostly, though, I've been untangling.  For some reason they got all tangled up in the closet.  The last two hanks were relatively tangle-free, which is good, but my spinning was pretty bad and I've had to splice the yarn a lot.  Next time I'll spin a thicker single.

Which I should be getting ready soon.  I have a pound of Shetland wool that needs to be scoured and carded before I can spin it.  And it will take me a while to ply this pound of Welsh top as well.

But...this weekend I need to work on Tom's hunting present.  I found some fingerless mitts he would like but I've never done intarsia in the round so I'm very nervous about it.  I'll go over the instructions pretty well before I start.

Cooking supper and doing laundry right now.  I still can't find my bag of seeds for the herbs.  I have no idea where else to look.  I really need to tear this house apart and get it organized.  It will be an early night, though because we need to get up early and tackle Zach's room tomorrow.


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