Saturday, October 13, 2012

Don't ever hit the floor running

I finally had a day with energy to burn and my sciatica flared up so much I couldn't walk without dragging my leg and leaning heavily on my cane.  And the pain!  I doubled up on tramadol as the dr said I could but it didn't really put a dent in it.  And didn't sleep much that night or the next one so the next couple of days I was worthless.  I didn't even knit because I was so tired.

But I did manage to finish up the black and white rectangular shawl last night.  It's not very good.  You'd think knitting just a garter stitch shawl would be easy but this yarn is like velcro and can't be ripped back so any mistakes either stay there or I just cut the yarn until I can fix it.  I had dropped a stitch so I just went in and used a crochet hook to "tie" it in place.  If you look for it you can find it but you do have to look for it.  And then I bound off the end too tight and it's a good 3 inches narrower than the beginning.  I'll just keep it for myself, I guess.  From now on, just dishcloth  shawls.

I managed to work on my socks, too, but mostly ripping back because I had made a mistake and there was a very loose stitch way back that looked horrible.  I should work on my Greek Key afghan sometime this weekend, too, since it feels good on my lap while I'm knitting.

I have lots dvr'd so I should get busy knitting again now that I got some sleep last night and feel almost normal again.  Well, normal for me, which is still very tired but not immobilized by it.

So off to fix supper or just grab a bite and get busy knitting.


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