Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm paying for all the work I did yesterday.  Not to mention sleeping on the single futon mattress instead of both of them.  I was trying to make the room fully convertible from bedroom to living room but it was a miserable night.  I felt every spring and the bars under the mattress.  So the other mattress is back on and if it's not convertible, it's no worse than it was before when it was fully a bedroom.  At least I can convert it to a living room in half an hour instead of hours, as it was before.  I expect to sleep good tonight.  If I can get rid of the pain.  Every muscle and joint is screaming right now but I don't want to take a tramadol just yet.  I'll wait until tonight.

I didn't get much knitting done last night and probably won't get much done tonight but my goal is to stay home more often, limit my trips to town and use the afternoons to knit and clean. And cook.  We are getting into the time when we need the furnace so I've got to cut expenses on the food budget to pay for it.  Plus keep the daytime temps at 60 and the nighttime temps at 50.  Personally, I like the nighttime temps because sleeping is great in a cold house, but there are times when 60 just gets in your bones.  The daytime temps the past few days have been in the high 50s but as I don't have all the winterizing done, I'm not turning the furnace on yet.  And it's not November 1st yet either.

Got pizza casserole in the oven and it's nearly done.  Zach wanted pumpkin pie so I got one.  We don't do that very often at all so I don't mind.  Then it's put the foyer curtains up and crawl into bed.  Professor is getting it warm for me.


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