Monday, October 29, 2012

Using up the available energy

I slept about 14 hours total last night although 3 hours in I woke up and was wide awake for a few hours.  Still, I'm imbued with some energy now so I'm tackling the winterizing I have needed to do for a while.  I tore apart my bedroom and put it back in living room mode although I will keep the bed made up all the time.  It won't take 10 minutes to turn it back into a living room again.  But more importantly, the heating vent is open again and the room can be completely open to the dining room so we can circulate the heat better.  I swear I'm not moving it anymore.  I could be wrong though.

I had to rip out the baby blanket because I made a mistake 6 inches in.  I had knit about 2.5 feet so ripping back that far really hurt.  I felt like crying.  Still, making progress again.  I've got a sweater already knitted up that I think I'll send even if I end up knitting the other sweater.  It's a cardigan so she'll get a lot of use out of it, moreso than a pullover.

Zach got the leaves raked in the front yard so that is done.  I don't think we're going to mow again.  Seems pointless at this stage.  We need to get everything back in the garage this week, too.  If I can find room for everything.

Tomorrow I'll finish putting plastic on the windows because all this moving has worn me out and I still have a ways to go before I'm done.  The living room looks pretty good but the dining room is a disaster because I still have to find a place for everything. Unfortunately supper tonight will be provided by the golden arches.  I just don't have the energy to cook.  Not with about 2 hours more work to get done.  I'll probably just fall into bed tonight without anymore knitting but at least tomorrow I'll have a good start on getting the winterizing finished.  I don't turn the furnace on before November anyway.  Now my bed is away from the window and the outside wall so I should stay warmer at night.  The house hasn't been unbearable at all so I haven't been tempted to turn the heat on yet.  But we're getting there.  Won't be much longer.

Professor really didn't like me rearranging everything but he wouldn't leave the room.  He kept getting in the way, with his tail between his legs.  Now he's curled up on the bed on his blanket so he's in a much better mood.  The tail is up and wagging.

Now off to finish up some more before we head out to McSnacky's.  I'm so tired.


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