Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I would have a meltdown if I weren't so tired

Not a bit of sleep last night, after two nights of 10 hour sleep that brought me nearly back to normal.  And it's too hot to nap today so I'm really dragging.  I tried knitting and watching tv but I end up dozing only to wake up a few minutes later drenched in sweat.  And it's really not that hot today compared to the heat wave we had.  Hasn't even hit 90.  It will tomorrow though so I hope I get sleep tonight. Even if I have to turn the a/c on to get it.

I'm waiting for it to cool off enough to take the car to town to the library and pick up something for supper.  The car doesn't have air conditioning and the front windows don't roll back up once you roll them down.  Plus the engine light is on and it takes two efforts to get it started.

And the truck will take another few hundred to fix.

We just can't get ahead.

I think I"m going to take Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and go to Zach's room where there is a/c and read until it cools off enough to venture out.


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