Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's always something

It never fails.  We get down to one vehicle and something goes wrong.  I was halfway to town when the dash started dinging and I saw the car had overheated.  I pulled over quickly, let it sit for a while, then opened the hood to nearly all the fluid in the antifreeze reservoir gone.  I waited until the car cooled off a little more, turned the heat up full blast and drove the rest of the way to the store while Zach watched the needle like a hawk.  We made it there, fine, with no further overheating.  I checked the oil and we were down a quart so I got oil and two jugs of antifreeze, filled up to the requisite levels and we were fine.

Still, it was a scary thing since we were out in the country, miles from any stores or anything.  I had tried to call Tom but he wasn't answering his page.

The book I was trying to find in the library is eluding me. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time locating the books in this series.  That's the third book that hasn't been shelved where it's supposed to be.  I know some people of the religious right persuasion think they're doing their god a favor by keeping others from reading certain books and I would consider this just a case of mis-shelving if I hadn't had to do this for the third time.  So I'm stuck and can't read anymore Sookie Stackhouse books until the next one shows up.  I really don't want to make a trip back to town since it cost me nearly $60 to fill up the minivan.

I finished up the back of the sport yarn cardigan and got going on the front. I should get back to the other two sweaters as well, but the worsted weight is hard on my hands because it's cheap yarn and I just don't love the sleeves on the other one.  I resisted buying a pound of Caron Simply Soft at the store because I have to use up my stash for a while.  Plus...tightwadding, remember?

I'm completely wiped out in spite of not doing a lot today.  Damned fatigue!  Supper tonight will be breakfast for Zach and me and beef stew in a can for Tom.  Just too tired to do anything more.  Especially as Zach is cooking "breakfast."

Off to go put my feet up and do some knitting.


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