Monday, August 20, 2012

When summer resumes I'll be so upset

I'm not writing as much as I used to.  My resolve not to write until something interesting happens is that I end up not writing.

The dvr box went out sometime Sunday morning and I was without sound until this afternoon when the cable guy came to replace it.  So I lost everything on my dvr box sadly.  I had one episode of Inspector Lewis I hadn't watched yet but watching it with just the closed captioning didn't work for me.  If I can't hear the accents, I don't want to watch it.  I'll catch it when they do a rerun of it.  Most other stuff wasn't critical to me although Zach was unhappy that his cartoon series...all 52 lost.  I guess we'll have to start all over again and hope they continuously rerun it.

Now I'm waiting for the box to load up all the information so I can start programming all the shows I had set to record.  Some of which won't be on again for quite some time.  I'll just have to be alert and keep track of them.

Fortunately I had True Blood, season 3 to watch and the other tv in my room which only gets the lower cable channels.  I did miss Vets in Practice today because the cable guy was here while it was on.  I just wish the box would smarten up so I can get to programming.  I should be cooking supper right now but I'm tired.  And tired of being tired.  Especially this time of night when I need to fix supper and finish up chores.

The minivan is losing antifreeze at an alarming rate.  I put some cardboard under the car to see if it's leaking.  I'm sure it is because Tom just filled it up on Saturday and it was empty again when I got back from the store today.  We'll probably have to take it in to find the leak.  I hope it's only the reservoir and not the radiator.  Or if it is the radiator, can be fixed cheaply.  We're bleeding money at an alarming rate as well.  Stuff keeps breaking down.

I'll send Zach down to the basement to get the clothes out of the dryer.  My knees hurt so much on the stairs, especially when carrying a load of clothes down or up.  And my dodgy hip has been hurting even while walking through the store lately.  I don't think it's the change in weather although I won't complain about this fall-like weather we're having.  Low 70s and high 60s in the day and low 50s at night.  Tonight will be in the high 40s.  Yay!  Great sleeping weather.  Plus we're not even using fans right now so saving money.  Every little bit helps.

Okay I'm off to start supper.  Spaghetti and garlic bread.  It's like fast food only cheaper.


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