Monday, August 27, 2012

My annual cold

I have a deadline now.  Well, not exactly a cut off date but at least a goal to strive for.  My cousin's daughter (who is also my cousin but once removed sort of thing) is expecting any day now, is having a boy...a rather good sized boy and my mother wants me to knit something for him.  I've been working on a boy's sweater (everything I've finished so far has been for a girl) and am at the finishing stage so I started a blanket as well.  I couldn't find my crochet hooks so I ended up buying more today.  I hated to but I have looked in every conceivable location and can't find them.  These I will keep better track of.  I won't replace everything since I don't crochet a lot but these are the major hooks I would use.

I spent yesterday in bed.  Didn't even go online and didn't bother trying to catch up online either.  I'm coming down with a sinus infection or a head cold or something. I got more echinacea today since we were nearly out.  I swear by that stuff.  Works amazingly well.  That and the cold tablets.  In addition to the allergy meds I'm on.  I'm not feeling at all well today so I got beef stew for our supper and pizza for Zach's.  He's going to cook both and I'm going back to bed.  I had to hit the library today or I wouldn't have gone out at all.  Some things just can't be renewed, unfortunately.

I still intend to get some pictures of my finished projects, even though I haven't put any buttons on them yet.  I can't seem to decide what to do about buttons on baby clothes.  I'll probably got with conventional buttons and maybe find some really cute ones.

I took True Blood back to the library and am watching Buffy season 1.  Nearly done with it.  I might go on to season 2 or watch something else in my inventory.  I have so many tv show in my possession.  I only get them on sale even though sometimes that sale still isn't cheap but I got Farscape for Christmas so that worked out well.

Off to crawl into bed and knit on the blanket for a while. I don't have the brain cells to figure out the placket on the sweater right now.  Maybe tomorrow.


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