Saturday, August 25, 2012

Catching up...on sleep

I'm feeling a bit better today.  I had a bad night Thursday and lost all my momentum Friday.  I didn't get to sleep as well as I had hoped last night but I did sleep long.  Unfortunately Professor had diarrhea and I had to let him out several times.  It's his eating habits, not a bug or anything.  I've got to be more diligent in keeping him away from treats.

My rheumatologist tole me to stay in bed if I wasn't getting enough sleep and not to worry about what time of day I got up until I was finally getting rest and could then rearrange my sleeping habits.  It's making such a difference.  Tom is doing what he can to let me sleep but Professor really hates me staying in bed once it's day time and tries to wake me up from about 8 a.m. on.  I'm hoping that ignoring him will help except when he's got to go out because of his tummy.  Then I can't ignore that.

Still not much knitting happening but I've got to get back to it.  My cousin's daughter is in labor and expecting a boy so I need to finish up the blue sweater I was knitting.  And my daughter is due, I think next month.  We don't know what the baby is because they always wait to be surprised.  So I will either wait or just make something for a boy since I already have some girls' sweaters done.  They're on the East Coast now, where they have winter so I get to knit for the grandchildren finally.  That will keep me busy!

I'm going to tackle my bedroom tonight.  It gets cluttered from knitting, reading and everyone coming in to watch tv, which I don't mind at all.  I just need to keep up with it better.  Maybe as I get sleep and start resting my body, I'll start having energy again.  I know I feel much better today after 4 nights of sleep.  Not in a row, but...

Don't know about supper tonight.  I'm inclined not to fix anything but then Zach and grabbed a bite while we were out.  I had some coupons so we got two sandwiches off the value menu, value fries (free), a side salad and two value drinks (one free) for around $5.  We try to keep our meals at that price from now on.  And we're only eating out a couple of times a week from now on.  This was the second time this week.

Well, off to work on my room for a while, then knit and watch Buffy, season 1.  I got bored with True Blood because the books are so amazing and the tv show just pales in comparison.  But I got in the vampire mood and Buffy is the best where vampires are concerned.

Oh, and I talked to my mother today.  She's doing well; her numbers are good but the dementia is still there.  She had an episode the other night where she got confused but at least it's not as frequent as it used to be and doesn't seem to be accelerating.  My dad has turned out to be quite the nurturer.


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