Monday, August 13, 2012

Can't believe this weather

I had to put my fuzzy housecoat on this morning because it was so cool.  And I loved it!  The weather is warming up now and I expect the temps will be back to normal by tomorrow but this weekend of temps in the low 70s has been amazing.  Especially with nighttime temps in the 50s.

We are back down to 2 vehicles again.  Tom and I took the Concorde to the salvage yard today and actually got some money for it.  Last vehicle we scrapped we had to pay them to take it but since this one was drivable and had good parts on it, we got a couple hundred for it.  Better than we expected.  Tom got the truck up and running.  Turns out it was the computer but we didn't have to replace it.  It was in slumber mode so all he had to do was disconnect the battery and reconnect it.  Just reboot the computer and everything is up and running again.  Transferred the insurance to the truck and he's good to go.  He took the truck to get a new battery a little while ago. 

We are in super tightwad lockdown in spite of having to purchase things that keep falling apart and it's showing, finally.  I guess we'll have to live like this the rest of our lives though as I don't anticipate a time when our income will be greater than our outgo.

Just when they got some Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in at the store.  I've been lusting and fondling every time I go but I've been good.  Although I think in the fall I'll pick up a couple of skeins (at $7 for 8 oz) to knit some winter socks.  Wool lasts so much better than acrylic and I had socks getting holes within months of knitting them last winter.  But my wool socks are still intact after 3 years.  Just can't wash them in the washer.  Have to be washed by hand.

I need to get busy on my fleece and dyeing my singles so I can ply them.  I don't want to scour my fleece in the colder months since it will take so long to dry while now is the perfect time.  I just have to find the energy and get to it.  I've decided to dye my Welsh top with coffee instead of kool aid.  I like earth tones better and if it doesn't turn out too scratchy, I can use that to knit socks for the winter.  And then just continue to lust after the Fisherman's Wool.

Speaking of knitting...I finished up the cardigan but I hate the button band.  It elongated the length making one side longer than the other so putting buttons on will be difficult.  Even though these are for charity I do want them to look nice and it is helping me work on my finishing skills, which is my weak point.  Good finishing is what makes a project look handmade as opposed to homemade.

I started another sweater but I'm adjusting the pattern and just knitting stockinette because I didn't like pattern in sport yarn.  It didn't look "tight" enough so I'm just knitting the pullover plain.  It has a placket on the shoulder, which is good, since it's for a year old.  I'm still plugging away at the worsted size 6 sweater and the sport yarn "swing" sweater.  Just not enjoying the sleeves on the swing sweater.  I've also done a bit of knitting on the Greek Key afghan while it's been cool but that will probably end after tonight...until fall.

I hope to get some pictures taken next week of my projects.  Zach is going to tutor me on the camera,  Besides I need to start polishing my photography skills as well.  And then some work on my drawing and writing.  Who knows if I can do anything with them, but I can at least try.

Supper is done and so am I.


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