Thursday, May 3, 2012

A brighter day

This is the first morning in a long, long time I actually felt like getting up.  I'm not "rested" but I'm not dragging with the debilitating fatigue I have become so used to.  I may actually accomplish some things today although I have banking to do later.  Doesn't mean I'm bouncing off the walls but I do think I can cook tonight and run the vacuum and get rid of some clutter.  And exercise a bit.  I'm hoping to build on that so I can make it a regular part of my day.

I'm making progress on the cape I'm knitting but the other stuff requires some concentration and I just can't do that with the fatigue I've been feeling lately.  Maybe tonight I'll get back to the mittens and the Tree of Life afghan.  The flower garden part of it hurts my hands because of the stitches used in it but I'm more than halfway through that so I should get done with that soon enough.

We're having some very warm temps today but they will slip back into the 60s later in the week.  Still, it's nice to have them.  I have the windows open but that may change if it storms later, as predicted.  We didn't get the violent thunderstorm that was predicted yesterday, thankfully, so I'm hoping we won't get anything today either.  I need the weather to be dry for a while so I can till the garden. 

Well, I need to get my day started, as late as it is, so I'd better get dressed and get moving.


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