Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After the 3 day weekend

Got an update on my mother and the confusion seems to be coming and going, being much worse after her dialysis.  None of us understand why she's had 6 dialysis treatments in 8 days though.  Steph is going to talk to the dr soon and find out just what is going on.  Mom is getting an MRI tomorrow because her family doctor suspects a light stroke or something.  I wondered about that.

I've been knitting up a storm, but unfortunately making little progress on the Greek Key afghan because I kept messing up the pattern.  I'm back on track now and making good progress.  I also knitted up another dish cloth.  I have one more to knit unless I can find my cotton yarn.  And as we are tearing the house apart cleaning, that might actually happen.

Initially we were looking for the other key to the car because the chip in the sensor is dying out on the set Tom uses and he couldn't start the car when he got home Saturday morning.  Fortunately it started just fine this afternoon.  And even better luck...I found the other key under the entertainment center.  We've got one of those key hanger things by the foyer entrance but it must have fallen off at some point and landed under the entertainment center, which is right next to it. 

Still, it seems a waste to stop progress so we'll continue.  I had to take Dark Shadows back to the library today but I didn't do any shopping or errands or anything so we were back home with lots of afternoon left.  I'm wearing down though.  I need to at least finish up the dining room so we can walk through it.  I took some furniture out of my room (rocking chair and kitchen stool) and now have to find a place for it.  The rocking chair is in the corner for now and will probably stay there. 

So I must get back to work and take advantage of the miniscule amount of energy I have and just hope there is some left over for tomorrow.


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