Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick update

The situation with my mother is only slightly improved for now but there is hope that it will clear up significantly in the future.  At least I hope so.  She's in a rehabilitation center and is very unhappy about it.  Her confusion is such that she thinks my dad put her there, not the doctor.  Hopefully that will clear up but I am concerned that her dialysis is 3 times a week.  That seems a lot to me.  We'll be going down next month but it's hard to sit up here and worry.

My poor dad has really been through it with this.  He felt so guilty leaving her at the center yesterday.  They've been married nearly 63 years, I think.  Maybe 62...I can't remember.  After all that time to be apart like this must be hard.

I'm on a knitting marathon trying to get some things done to take down there.  Plus it helps me with the stress.

I'm nearly finished with the second collection of Dark Shadows.  It's really as good as I remembered it in spite of the cheesy acting and mechanical errors.  They apparently didn't have a great deal of control over those big cameras and they wiggle and wobble all over the place.

I'm on the list for the third collection but who knows when that will be available?  I have to time it so I don't get it when the Medium dvd becomes available.  I'm at the mercy of those who watch before me.

In the meantime I've got plenty of dvds and stuff on the dvr to watch.  Which will keep me knitting for quite a while.

Now off to eat supper and back to knitting.



knittingdragonflies said...

Sorry to hear about your mom! hope things are better soon. Yes i need to get knitting also, it always helps!
i started watching dark shadows also, I agree, I remember it being a little more professional looking and scary. LOL

Kathy said...

Thanks, Vicki. It doesn't look like her confusion is resolving itself so I have no idea what to expect from now on. I wasn't prepared for this, to be honest. We had known my dad was ill for decades but my mom had always been healthy and on the go before. It's hard.

I've been a knitting fool lately. I still have tons of unfinished projects tucked away in bags throughout the house but having a goal makes it easier to knit.

It's so cool you're watching DS too. We can giggle about it together and talk about the cheesy acting and plots. :)

Good to hear from you!