Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dark Shadows and much to knit

I did sleep last night in the feast or famine marathon of sleep-disorders.  I slept about 14 hours, in fact.  Not straight through, but only minor awakenings and brief at that.  Still very tired though and didn't get much of anything done today except a marathon of Dark Shadows because it was due back at the library and the second collection was ready to be picked up.

Since I don't have anyplace to go tomorrow, I will clean then.  If I sleep tonight.  I'll probably have to take an herbal sleeping pill or two though.

I finished up some dishcloths but I've decided not to send the care package to my parents.  They can't really deal with anything in it now so I'll just take it down with me.  This way I can get a lap blanket knitted up for my mother.  I doubt she'll need it much now but this summer the air conditioning might be a bit chilly.  She's had 3 dialysis treatments but was still very confused when I talked to her today.  Didn't know where she was...which hospital, that is.  Apparently earlier my aunt and uncle stopped by and she was fine.  I think she has sundowner's, which is a condition where confusion increases after sundown.  Not that it was that late when I talked to her though.  But apparently she gets worse at night.

The cape I"m making might end up going to my older sister.  I've got plenty of yarn to make myself another one.  Steph gets socks and Peg can have the cape.  It's good for cool days when you don't want something on your arms but can tuck them up in it if they get cold.

So I'd better get to work on both.  I still haven't found my cotton yarn, although I did find 2 skeins today.  Not the rest of it though.

Off to knit and see if Barnabus makes Maggie a vampire or not.  Not terribly interested in the storyline with Elizabeth and the guy blackmailing her.  The shows are just as cheesy as they were when we watched them but they are still oh, so fun!


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