Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time for time alone

Although I'm feeling a bit perkier, I'm not necessarily feeling perky.  Still, I don't feel like I'm walking through mud right now so that's a huge plus.  I am, however, still having trouble sleeping, getting to sleep and staying there.  I ignored Professor this morning and slept in until 1 p.m.  He got over it.

I've been working on the cape I'm knitting because it's mindless knitting in a round on circular needles and requires no thought whatsoever.  My kind of knitting right now. 

I finished up the first season of Medium, ordered the second season from the library and then decided to look for Dark Shadows while I was on the site.  For some reason, a couple of the libraries loan out tv series by the disk instead of by the season, which makes it nearly impossible to guess if you'll get them in order or have to wait for them.  Since DS seems to be popular, I wasn't going that route.  I did find one copy of the first season but the description sounded like it was one of the later seasons.  I'll just have to risk it. I remember rushing home from school to watch it, missing the first few minutes every day because it came on just as we were getting out of school.  It took about 5 minutes to get home so I never saw the beginning.

I had intended to do a lot of reading today but as I got up almost in time to fix Tom's supper, and since I really could go back to bed now, I'll not get as much reading done as I had hoped.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm going to head out as soon as he gets home because I just need some time alone.  I haven't had any for weeks.

I got my glasses on order yesterday.  Went to a optometrist instead of a vision center and got a much better deal.  My vision had changed significantly, especially the far vision in my right eye, which accounted for those moments of feeling like my glasses were on crooked.  I probably wouldn't have passed a driver's eye test in my right eye, but my left really hadn't changed at all.  Which is good since my left eye is the worse one.  I'm legally blind in both eyes if I don't use my glasses, but why on earth would I go without them?  

The new glasses are more modern than my old lady glasses I presently have.  They only have half a frame on top and the metal is fairly dark.  And while they cost more than my present pair (three years have passed, you know) the whole package of exam, dilation and glasses cost less than it did at the vision center 3 years ago.  Plus I got a warranty for a year on the lenses.  Just in case.  Won't use a vision center anymore, for sure.

Well, Tom's supper just dinged so I might as well leave now.  He can dish up his own food and I really would like to get away for a while.  So I'll pack up some sodas and a book or two and head off to my favorite parking lot to read for a while.


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