Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time to re-train the dog

I was looking at the sad state of my store-bought dishcloths yesterday while folding clothes.  I need to dig out some patterns and knit some.  I have plenty of cotton and it would be a finished project...something I haven't seen in a while.

I was making pretty good progress on the cape when I broke my circular needle.  The very first one I've ever broken.  Ever.  I was pulling to move the fabric along and pulled too hard.  Fortunately I have plenty size 8 circulars so I was able to transfer to another set.  I'm being less aggressive on this one.

Still not much sleep so not much of anything else getting done either.  With the windows open at night, Professor is distracted by everything going on out there.  I hope this eases off soon because I can't go through this all summer. Not to mention all the trips outside to wee. I think from now on I'll have to start ignoring him at night and just clean up his puppy pads in the morning.  He's been training me to get up with him at night and that has to stop.  I know he can go long enough to last the night.

I've got another load in the dryer waiting to be folded and then a few days off for the laundry.  But I have plenty of other things I need to do, including the kitchen.  It needs a major cleaning so I can get back to cooking from scratch.  Heck, I just need to get back to cooking.  I'm so tired all the time, I just throw something together.  I'm getting tired of it so I know everyone else is, too.  I miss meals that are thought out.

Also I need to get the weed whacker out and tackle the trimming.  I have a good crop of dandelions in my rose bed, taller than the roses.  I didn't know they grew waist high.  I need to weed around my hostas, too.  I also need to divide one set because they're too crowded.  Not sure if I should do that while they're growing though.  I'll have to look it up.

My mother is suffering from some memory problems right now, in part due to her medication.  She needs aggressive treatment of her kidney disease but the aggressive meds are making her completely confused so they've cut back.   Now she's mildly confused.  I feel for my sister and my dad who have to deal with it on a daily basis.  I don't know if we can afford to go down there this summer but I will try.  I talked to her the day before Mother's Day while she and Daddy and my younger sister were at my older sister's.  She had the right voice, but the conversation seemed alien.  We talked about gardening but she wouldn't let me change the subject from that and focused on seeds and nothing but seeds.  I'm hoping the medication helps so she can get off of it, but my younger sister said she's been having some memory problems without it so...

Makes me want to focus on my own health so I can be independent for as long as possible.  But until I get some sleep, I don't know how I'll have the energy to do that, because it does take an enormous amount of energy to get and stay healthy.

Well, off to make supper and then to bed.  I'll get the laundry tomorrow.



Susie B said...


Have you thought about a thunder shirt for the Professor? I know they are pricey at $34-39 but they help keep my dogs from barking. It looks like a regular shirt but where the straps cling together apparently are pressure points and that stops the barking somehow. My Lhasa is so much quieter in the car; rather than telling me how to drive.


Kathy said...

Wow, I've never heard of them. But I will look into it. I have a thing to plug into the wall but it bothered him so much I had to disconnect it. And it didn't stop him barking.

Thanks! I'll see if I can find one.