Thursday, May 10, 2012

I feel almost normal

I tackled my room last night, working up until about 10 p.m. and ended up with a clean room, although there is still much that could be done with it.  I changed the bedding out to my new stuff and it looks much better in there.  The pets love it, too, because it feels so smooth and silky.  Definitely would be nice to sleep on if I would be able to sleep. 

Last night I had the windows open because it was warm so Professor responded to everything, every hour.  And this morning I got woke up by a telemarketer that I have told many times to take us off his list.  I got growly this time and insisted and then hung up on him.  We're on the no-call list so I don't know what my options are if they keep calling.  How do I prove I already told them to take us off the list?

But in spite of no sleep last night, I have been bustling about cleaning the dining room, including de-cluttering the desk and hutch.  You can actually see flat surfaces now.  Amazing.  Still haven't found the extra set of car keys though.  Darn it.

I still have to vacuum but that's all I plan on doing in here tonight.  Tomorrow the kitchen.  Which might take two days with my energy levels.

I'm also doing laundry so lots of up and down stairs.  I have two loads to go and I think I'll put the rest off for a few days.  Ideally I'd like to hang them out but they get so linty in the washer.  Maybe run them through for a few minutes and then hang them out.

I'm also going to color my hair again because my new glasses should be in tomorrow.  I hope.  They didn't call today but I'm hoping they do some time tomorrow.  I read an article about older women wearing their hair longer (my mother thinks I should cut it short, short because I'm an older woman now...but she's always wanted my hair short, short ever since I was a little girl and I've always wanted it long, long,) and it said that we shouldn't use harsh hair colors once we reach a certain age...which I have.  So I'm going back to semi-permanent.  I love the colors better anyway.  It eventually washes out and isn't harsh on my hair.  My hair is halfway down my back now but it's wispy thin so I use very small foam curlers to give me volume and bounce.  But it does shorten my hair to just past my shoulder blades.  Which is okay.  I don't mind.  It's still long and that's what's important.

I managed to knit for a spell on the cape.  For now mindless knitting is all I can handle but I do want to get back to my more complex patterns before I lose my place.  And interest. 

But now I need to get back to fixing supper and get the laundry folded before the next load is done.



Susie B said...


Go to the Do Not Call website. Fill out the form for complaints. That will stop the telemarketer. I do this all the time.


Kathy said...

Thanks, Susie. I'll do that next time.