Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a wasted day

Today was a bust.  I didn't sleep at all last night because the pain was that bad.  I took 3 tramadol over the course of the night and got the pain down to a dull roar but one of the side effects of tramadol is insomnia so I couldn't stay asleep once I dozed off.  I think the longest I slept last night was 20 minutes.

I finally got up around 8 a.m. and dealt with a problem my older son was having.  He lost his job at the university and therefore couldn't afford to keep his phone on and can't get another job without a phone.  He's in college with grants and loans but some of his essentials aren't included in that.  So we were trying to figure out how I could pay for his phone from here.  We got it settled but it took all morning because the website originally wouldn't accept my payment.  All I needed to do was log out and in again and retry the payment method but they don't tell you that while you're trying to figure it out.  Hope one of those job applications pay off.

He has an associate's in computers but, like Zach, can't even get an interview.  No one is hiring associate's degrees in computers anymore.  Something the tech schools aren't telling incoming students apparently.  But unlike Zach he has 20 years experience working on computers but that doesn't count at all.  So he's in college working toward a degree in liberal arts.  I expect he'll end up teaching or something like that.  If he can afford to keep attending.

I went back to bed around 10 a.m. and slept until 3, woke up and went to town for the library and a couple of things Tom needed.  I'm ready to go back to bed but I know I won't sleep well tonight unless I take an herbal sleeping pill or something.  Which does nothing to keep me asleep if the pain wakes me up.

I'm doing laundry at least.  Zach has sensory problems and is much like the princess and the pea...he can feel every crumb or hair or piece of lint on his sheets when trying to sleep so I'm washing his sheets for him along with other clothes that desperately need washing.  It's raining out so I'll use the dryer.  I'm only doing 2 loads though.  Too tired to do anymore than that.

I'm nearly done knitting my tarot bag, making good progress on the shawl but haven't worked on anything else.  I'm trying not to start another project but I would love a new sweater coat.  Mine is falling apart.  A store brand from 10 years ago.  I have a pattern I love but it's too small for me now.  I'm several sizes bigger than I used to be.

But I do need to stand firm and finish up the two sweaters I've got going, the desk cover, the socks and the Tree of Life afghan before I cast on any more stitches. I must be strong!

But I probably won't.  Still it will take me a while to find a pattern I like so in the meantime I need to keep plugging away at my already started projects.


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