Thursday, April 5, 2012

And I forgot to knit, too

I completely forgot to blog yesterday.  Not that I still wasn't online too much but I got busy toward the end of the day and just shut everything down and collapsed in bed.  And yet...nothing much to show for what I got done.

I was making soup for lunch when my glass saucepan cracked in two.  Fortunately nothing leaked out but the pan was toast and since that was the third pan I'd lost in the last few years, I'm running low on stuff to cook with.  So, since I got a call from the library that I had four items in, Zach and I headed to town where we picked up the books, grabbed a soda and a hamburger off the value menu because I was afraid to eat the soup (because of glass particles) and then went looking at StuffMart for a new set.

Tom and I had bought the glassware back when we first got married so most of them have made it past 25 years, which isn't a bad record.  But we had already decided that when we replaced the glass, we would go with stainless steel because I love my stainless skillet and dutch oven.  I had intended to just buy what I needed to replace but it was a pretty good deal to get the whole set (minus the 3qt pan, which is sold separately) and was about a fourth the price I thought we would have to pay out.  Plus we got stainless steel spatulas and spoons to go with it.

I grabbed a chicken from the deli in the cheap section (still good but had been under the lights too long to sell at fresh prices) for $1.50, came home and fixed chicken broth rice in the new sauce pan.  I will have to re-learn how to cook as these heat up much faster.  The rice turned out perfect...much better than the glass pans, to be honest.  But I learned the hard way that the lids need a pot-holder to take them off.  The glass ones, not so much.  Ouch!

Then I had laundry to do, the kitchen to clean up a bit (still needs so much more done at the deeper level) and by that time I was very tired and went to bed after cleaning up the supper mess. 

And then I fell asleep only to wake up about 15 minutes later.  That went on all night.  I probably should have taken one of Tom's herbal sleeping pills since they worked so well but I didn't think of it until nearly 5 a.m. and by that time had lost all hope of sleeping.  So I'm dragging my butt again.

I have gotten a few loads of laundry done and did some work in the kitchen and dining room but not enough to really call it a good day.  Honestly I could just go to bed now and not even bother with supper if it wasn't for Tom needing to eat when he comes home.

Tomorrow we have to mow the yard.  Both neighbors have mowed now (and of course the neighbor to the right still won't mow the property line so it will look a bit ridiculous when we do) so our yard looks terrible.  And I need to get some flowers planted.  And when it dries out enough, till up the garden and plant grass seed because I'm done with vegetable gardens forever.

But really all I want to do is sleep.  I should have laid out something for supper but I didn't so I have no idea what to cook for supper.

I'm sure if I could sleep at night, I could think during the day. But since I don't...I can't.


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