Monday, April 16, 2012

Recovery Day

I can't believe it's time to fix supper since I woke up not long ago.  I managed to sleep 14 hours last night with a few interruptions but none long enough to count.  I'm feeling much better today although still in pain, probably due to the weather.  Windy and wet.

The stress was largely caused by planning a surprise party for my husband's 60th birthday.  I'm not a social animal and suffer from social anxiety...I'd say moderate social anxiety.  But it was his 60th and I've never had a party for him before so I wanted to do something this year.  He works a lot of hours and I wanted to let him know how much we appreciate it.

So the planning, shopping, wondering how I was going to pay for it, delegating the invitation list (I hope no one got left off) and everything involved was incredibly stressful for me.  Not to mention being in a house with many people, some of whom I'd never met before.  Zach was my buffer, keeping me in safe places and helping me get away outside when I needed to.  I'm sure some of the people there thought I was stand-offish or rude.  Nothing I can do about that, though.

So...since I woke up at 2 p.m. today isn't the big cleaning day I had anticipated.  I have tackled the kitchen and brought it under control, but nothing else has gotten done.  I need to clean my bedroom before I go to bed tonight because I can't sleep in clutter, last night being the exception.  And I need to make a quick run to the store because we ran out of a couple of things, but no real shopping and no more eating out.  We are in tightwad standdown from now on.

My sister-in-law, at whose house we had the party, gave me some yarn she had bought for a vest and had leftover.  Two huge skeins left over.  It's a boucle, acrylic and nylon, in black, white and all the shades of gray in between.  I'm knitting a dishcloth shawl from it.  I've wanted a shawl for a while but haven't really had the colors or type of yarn I wanted and this is perfect for it.  I can probably knit another one (or two) from what I've got so I might be able to send one to my mother.

I've also worked on the bag for my divination cards (tarot and oracle) but I do need to get back to finishing up the projects I have started so long ago.  But it feels so good to be knitting again.  I have really missed it.

But I need to figure out something for supper and tackle my bedroom because I'm planning on a very early night tonight so...


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