Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finally finishing some projects

I've made progress this weekend with the knitting.  Finished up the dishcloth shawl except for the fringe and also the desktop cover for Zach, except for weaving in the ends.  I also spent last night digging out the circular needles I had been looking for all last week.  Unfortunately I put them where I was sure I would never have put them.  In the bin in the corner, which is near-impossible to get to without standing on my head at the end of the bed.  I pulled everything out of there and put it in other locations after that.

But in looking for the needles, I found two more projects I'd like to finish, including a pair of mittens I started a million years ago.  I even managed to find the pattern without difficulty so I started working on them last night after I stuffed everything in corners and covered them up.

I still need to work on my Tree of Life afghan.  Not even halfway done with that.  And the two sweaters I started:  one for me and one for Zach.  I might get back to those this week as well.  I found a few patterns I might be interested in working on when I finish up another project or two.

In the meantime, though, I need to put the house back together, clean it or blow it up.  Something has to give because the clutter is driving me crazy.  I'm probably going to limit myself to blogging every other day on this blog, the next day on the other one.  Or, if I have something important to say on one and not the other, give that one priority.  Internet time will have to go way down so I can get busy on the house and yard and find time for reading and spending time on my art and crafts.  So much to do that doesn't get done if I spend it all online.

I'm almost ready to start planting things.  We're still dealing with some cold days and nights though.  I'm going to get some tomato seeds started tomorrow.  And some green pepper seeds.  The rest I'll just plant in the garden.  If it ever dries up enough to till it.   Won't be a big garden, but it will take care of some of our summer needs.  Not to mention the flowers I want to plant this year.  I'd like the yard to look nice this year.

For now, I'm going to go lie down.  Still not sleeping well.  I don't want to take the herbal sleeping pills every night so I didn't take any last night.  It wouldn't have made any difference since I got right to sleep but didn't stay there.  That's my biggest problem.  My annual physical is coming up so I might mention it to the dr and if she doesn't tell me it's the depression, maybe she'll have something I can take.  I'll never get rid of the fatigue if I don't get regular sleep.

But for now, off to bed to watch my ever-increasing inventory on dvr.  We had a free channel this weekend so I taped some movies.  Don't plan on keeping them, but I did want to see them.  I'm up to nearly 80% of capacity now so I'd better make room for my usual stuff.


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