Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My phone is finally silent

No robo calls from political people today although Rachel from cardholder services got an earful of language that would peel paint off the house.  Not that she heard me since it, too, is a robo call.

I did sleep some last night although I got up with Professor 3 times anyway.  His barking became more urgent toward morning so I relented and got up and he did have to go.  But those times when he was using his indoor bark, I turned over and ignored him.  He eventually jumped back into bed.

Still...it would be lovely to sleep all the way through.  I only got up 3 times, but he woke me up about 6 times.  Plus I woke up when Tom came home and it took a while to get back to sleep.

I'm not doing much of anything today aside from laundry and some clean up in the kitchen.  I really need to scrub it down and do some organizing in there but not today.  We voted this afternoon and then went to the thrift store where I found a stoneware goblet I loved for my altar and a little gadget for Tom's birthday.  We're just getting him silly stuff this year for his birthday.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to go anywhere and can focus on the kitchen.  I'll worry about the rest of the house later but the kitchen needs to be cleaned and better organized so I can get back to cooking from scratch.  I need counter space and access to the pantry.  We had to empty out the cabinet above the pantry because it leaks from the rain so that stuff is on the floor in front of the pantry.  Tom had put it in the pantry but as there is a lot of chemicals and stuff there, I quickly removed it from the foodstuff.  I can't get to the pantry very well now because of all the stuff in front of it.  Plus there are things that don't fit in the pantry that need to find a new home.  And the floor really needs a mopping.

I'm definitely not going to have a garden this year.  I'm going to focus on the yard and flowers and such so the neighbors don't vote us out of the neighborhood.  We're the people neighbors hate to have with our clutter and such.

But tonight I'm doing laundry and fixing supper.  Beyond that nothing more.  I will try another of those herbal sleeping pills again.  It worked pretty well and didn't make me groggy today.  But the fatigue is always there no matter how much sleep I seem to get.

And that really sucks.


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